Synergy (completed)
GenreAdventure / Mystery
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Monday, 9 June 2014
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"I dont understand whats happening to me" she screamed "Its going to be ok izzy i told her. But it wasn't, the danger had caught up to us. The unexplored had followed us and now we knew nothing. After everything I had learned, there was just one rule. Stay away from her but I couldn't...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Me
Ch. 2 Him
Ch. 3 Sick
Ch. 4 Hypnotized
Ch. 5 Just 15
Ch. 6 Changing
Ch. 7 Captured
Ch. 8 Thunder
Ch. 9 Cake
Ch. 10 Back to me
Ch. 11 Delusional
Ch. 12 Awake
Ch. 13 Facts
Ch. 14 Discovered
Ch. 15 Locked
Ch. 16 Letters
Ch. 17 Magic
Ch. 18 News
Ch. 19 Adam
Ch. 20 Deja vu
Ch. 21 A plan
Ch. 22 Find her
Ch. 23 Screaming
Ch. 24 The end
Ch. 25 Epilogue


Silver Wings Saturday, 1 November 2014
Very interesting read. Liked it a lot :)

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