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A collection of three books of modern verse by kenny Howard

Runner Beans and Roses
Broken Glass
Wet Paint


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The things that you do for a good pizza in Skegness
Ch. 2 The gospel according to at Columba
Ch. 3 I don't believe, I know
Ch. 4 So far
Ch. 5 Last conga in coningsby
Ch. 6 The last big fight at parkhurst school
Ch. 7 The kitchen loud music and me
Ch. 8 Big boy
Ch. 9 Typhoons over Lincolnshire
Ch. 10 Bearded dragons in the sky (a short stay in pilgrim hospital)
Ch. 11 A letter from kitty
Ch. 12 Treat me like a tree
Ch. 13 See my daisy dance
Ch. 14 Turning up to turn me down
Ch. 15 Pride lies
Ch. 16 A kid called jack
Ch. 17 Politically correct Christians
Ch. 18 If I had been the king of England
Ch. 19 The internet nutter
Ch. 20 Fighting depression
Ch. 21 Walking the dog (a ghost story)
Ch. 22 Diabolical diabetes type 2
Ch. 23 Rosa parks
Ch. 24 Paradise lost
Ch. 25 Addiction
Ch. 26 The odd couple
Ch. 27 King Abdullah (old time rock n roll)
Ch. 28 King Abdullah
Ch. 29 Terms and conditions
Ch. 30 Dads poem
Ch. 31 The Camden town poetry workshop
Ch. 32 Granddad Albert
Ch. 33 A note to my critics
Ch. 34 Zero tolerance
Ch. 38 Some people can't take a joke
Ch. 39 I'm running for the hills
Ch. 40 The chip shop my ex girlfriend and me
Ch. 41 Remote
Ch. 42 Do you know who I am
Ch. 43 Piping hot cream of tomato soup on a cold mid winters night (with lashings of wh
Ch. 44 Two many parrots in my head
Ch. 45 All I've got to do is survive
Ch. 46 My doctor
Ch. 47 On line love
Ch. 48 Salted pigs trotters (with lightly boiled cabbage )
Ch. 49 War
Ch. 50 Fry
Ch. 51 The last I spoke to my girlfriend before she choked to death
Ch. 52 Al Pacino Robert de Niro and me
Ch. 53 John Wayne clint Eastwood and me
Ch. 54 A short note about my boat (from my girlfriend)
Ch. 55 My girlfriends new job
Ch. 56 Rumours
Ch. 57 Air rifle for sale
Ch. 58 King Kong yogi bear boo boo and me
Ch. 59 The last train to white hart lane
Ch. 60 Caravans on Canvey Island
Ch. 61 Kenny on the road to Demascos
Ch. 62 In the back ground
Ch. 63 Suspicion
Ch. 64 What went wrong with the boys
Ch. 65 True love
Ch. 66 Kiss kiss
Ch. 67 Kenny's last stand
Ch. 68 Three frogs
Ch. 69 Returning home to Prague
Ch. 70 What say you
Ch. 71 Paddling in the Mekong river
Ch. 72 Tottenham electric jellied eels
Ch. 73 Long Tom river
Ch. 74 The ballad of billy and Ali
Ch. 75 With flowers in my hair
Ch. 76 Putting my stuff on line (by own grown Tottenham poet )
Ch. 77 The cupboard
Ch. 78 Tiny little birds