Black Eyes
GenreFantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 23 March 2014
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Journey with Lex as he begins to see this strange realm as his new reality. Though he struggles with homesickness and dreams of seeing his mother again almost every night, he is enchanted by and grows attached to this new world, this new life. He falls in love with a witch, Clover, whose brother, a thriving swordsman, Kyle becomes his best friend. His companions’ grandfather, an oracle who studies history and prophecy by the letter, recognizes Lex as the boy destined to fight Trium, and appears to him with a legendary vial. Stored in the sacred vessel is the only weapon that might give him a chance to defeat Trium. Inside is a demon of great power, one of Trium’s little brothers, who was captured by the powerful defenders of the world from long ago, the ones titled ‘gods’, the fathers of elementalism and magic.
Lex discovers that he is an Icemaker, and is somehow of the lineage of one of the ‘gods’ of history. He ponders just who he really is. As he hones his ability to create and manipulate the ice element, the enemies he faces are stronger than his worst nightmares. When Lex calls upon the might of the spirit sealed within him, his eyes glow a deathly black that is frightening even to his friends. Powerful people seek to kill this boy of prophecy, many of them after the vast power within him.
In an epic of adventure, power, friendship, love, betrayal, comedy, drama and frightening twists, Lex and his companions strive to become stronger while combating whatever obstacles, whatever evils they come across, readying and waiting to battle this villainous Trium history speaks of.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Odd Dream
Ch. 2 The Awakening
Ch. 3 Genesis of the Exodus
Ch. 4 The Earthshifter
Ch. 5 The Foolish Kings
Ch. 6 Black Ice
Ch. 7 The Magmalian Queen
Ch. 8 Prison Break
Ch. 9 Quiet Waters
Ch. 10 The Sludge
Ch. 11 The Vision
Ch. 12 Hidden Passage
Ch. 13 The Leaf Sage
Ch. 14 The Pinta Bullies
Ch. 15 No Prize for Runner-ups
Ch. 16 Thirteen Days
Ch. 17 The Armoured People
Ch. 18 Brawl in the Dust
Ch. 19 The Last Five
Ch. 20 We Are Ionides
Ch. 21 The Legend State
Ch. 22 The Meeting
Ch. 23 The Kill List
Ch. 24 The Sunrise Battle
Ch. 25 Happenings
Ch. 26 Star
Ch. 27 Mission on the Hill
Ch. 28 Mind-bending Story
Ch. 29 Horror Behind the Mask
Ch. 30 Grave Moments
Ch. 31 Mind Games and High Voltage
Ch. 32 Raw Deal
Ch. 33 Dead
Ch. 34 The Back Door
Ch. 35 Black Rain
Ch. 36 Judgement Day
Ch. 37 Black and Red
Ch. 38 The Silver Saviour
Ch. 39 The Writers
Ch. 40 Endgame


Angandeep Thursday, 23 August 2018
I enjoyed reading it.
David Jae Thursday, 23 October 2014
An enjoyable read, although it needs some refinement, especially in the dialogue.
Well done

Please read East City; The Arena
Jake Connors Wednesday, 4 June 2014
I really liked this story:) great job with style of writing to make this story. I hope you could check out my stuff like my Airegoth one if you like to read fantasy. I hope you can give me your opinion or advice of so far what i got.:)
Adam-Clay Sunday, 23 March 2014
Lex's life begins as he wakes in this strange realm.

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