Extinction: First Strike
GenreHorror / Sci-Fi
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Thursday, 6 March 2014
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With a thunderous boom the clouds circle and a beam of light release a cube in Cairo, Egypt, releasing a new plague upon the Earth. Jack Skoal and his growing group of survivors must fight and scrounge their way across a withering United States, towards the safe haven of Flathead Lake, Montana. There they hope the cold and isolated area will provide them the protection they need to survive, until the plague can be abolished, or they are. Along their path they encounter escalating dangers, from zombie children to growing packs of the undead and its leap to other species. Plane crashes and car accidents hinders the group, never giving them a much needed break from the persistent creatures at their heels each and every step of the way. Upon rescuing a small group, Jack and his fellow companions that are becoming the family he never had, have their world turned upside down. History as they knew it was about to be rewritten, and their religious beliefs destroyed. They must make a decision to join the others or continue along their original path. Jack and his group soon learn that they and a few others may be the earthís last hope in defeating the plague sweeping the globe.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 First Strike
Ch. 2 Jack Skoal
Ch. 3 Hunting
Ch. 4 The plan
Ch. 5 Falling Apart
Ch. 6 The Attic
Ch. 7 The Great Escape
Ch. 8 Our Destination
Ch. 9 The New Comers
Ch. 10 Hell Hounds
Ch. 11 The Empty Jeep
Ch. 12 Meldrum, KY.
Ch. 13 God Damn Them, God Damn all of Them!
Ch. 14 Things are going Well
Ch. 15 The Wood are Lovely
Ch. 16 The Dream
Ch. 17 The Nightmare Continues
Ch. 18 Nerves
Ch. 19 Turn for the Worst
Ch. 20 The Breakdown