GenreYoung Adult / Fantasy
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Submitted:Wednesday, 5 March 2014
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Four hundred years ago, humanity almost destroyed the Magic Realm in fear of the creatures that resided there. The source for the Realm is running low, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Now, under the rule of the fearless Lanius, the Magic Realm has an answer to all of their problems. A new law is passed, sending all teenagers entering the age 16 to Earth, a mission that could mean life or death.
M's birthday should have been a good one, but it wasn't. She is now 16 and, required by law, to do what she hates most; steal the emotions of a Human for Dust. Entering Earth, M finds herself with more surprises in store then what she expected.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 What's Past is Past
Ch. 2 The Birthday Gift
Ch. 3 Judgement
Ch. 4 New World
Ch. 5 Humans