Loyal To The Game: A Basketball Fan's Insightful Opinion on NBA Players
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Submitted:Tuesday, 11 February 2014
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Although I am a Celtic fan, this collection of essays is my mostly unbiased view on NBA players. This book will address the strengths and weaknesses of 50 select players( players who should obviously be in this book and players who I feel remain unnoticed by the public). This book will reflect my experiences and thoughts while watching these athletes play the beautiful game of basketball and I hope you value this book as much as I do.(In the comments section, please tell who you would like to have a feature in this book.)

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List of chapters

Ch. 1 LeBron James
Ch. 2 Jerry West
Ch. 3 Pete Maravich
Ch. 4 Michael Jordan
Ch. 6 Charles Barkley
Ch. 7 Paul Pierce
Ch. 10 Julius Erving
Ch. 11 Ray Allen
Ch. 12 Dwight Howard
Ch. 13 Steve Nash
Ch. 14 Kobe Bryant
Ch. 15 Wilt Chamberlain
Ch. 16 Bill Russell
Ch. 18 Dirk Nowitzki
Ch. 19 Clyde Drexler
Ch. 20 Allen Iverson
Ch. 21 Tim Duncan
Ch. 22 Bill Laimbeer
Ch. 24 Jason Kidd
Ch. 26 Karl Malone
Ch. 27 Kevin Love
Ch. 28 Carmelo Anthony
Ch. 29 Kevin Durant
Ch. 30 Shawn Kemp
Ch. 31 Willis Reed
Ch. 32 Magic Johnson
Ch. 33 Larry Bird
Ch. 34 Shaquille O'Neal
Ch. 35 Zydrunas Ilguaskas
Ch. 37 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Ch. 38 Rajon Rondo
Ch. 43 Elvin Hayes
Ch. 45 Isiah Thomas
Ch. 46 Robert Parish
Ch. 48 DeMarcus Cousins


paul schoaff Friday, 15 May 2020
I also saw Russell and KCJones play on the olympic team as they toured before going overseas. Peoria was the former AAU champion area, the Peoria Cats, etc. We knew our basketball, but never saw anything like the Russell-Jones combo.
paul schoaff Friday, 15 May 2020
a very worthy effort. you are just on the wrong platform. I bet you have had more success elsewhere.

I remember listening to the 1957 finals. I lived in the St. Louis fanbase area and collapsed at the end of the overtime game, wondering if the Hawks would ever beat the Celts again....

congratulation on a fine series of essays.

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