Be Your Own Superman
GenreSelf-help / Spiritual
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Friday, 7 February 2014
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This book will mentally and spiritually trigger a Chrysalis within yourself so that you may emerge if you choose a better man, a Super Man.

This will be done by Mental and Spiritual stimulation through philosophy, quotes and science.


List of chapters

Ch. 2 Chapter 2: Thought Process
Ch. 3 Chapter 3: Hardship
Ch. 4 Chapter 4: our Divine Right
Ch. 5 Chapter 5: The Foundation
Ch. 6 Chapter 6: Elements
Ch. 7 Chapter 7: Charisma
Ch. 8 Chapter 8: Science & Soul
Ch. 9 Chapter 9: Effects on dimension
Ch. 10 Chapter 10: Goals
Ch. 11 Chapter 11: 30 Points
Ch. 12 Chapter 11: Tips & Warnings
Ch. 13 Chapter 12: The Final Step


Kingster Monday, 21 April 2014
I love the theory of the relation of the Soul to Science
Anthony Reed Saturday, 5 April 2014
Not much for self help books but love the quotes and logic
David Christopher Tuesday, 11 February 2014
I love the way the quotes are related
neel2re Friday, 7 February 2014
Hello Mr. Gulamali. I am thoroughly interested in your work Be Your Own Superman. Would you be interested in selling the rights for it for 20USD?

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