The Jack Valentine Saga : My Funny Valentine
GenreAdventure / Crime
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Saturday, 11 January 2014
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Set in the modern day fictional city of New Star, the tale of an ex secret agent turned vigilante Jack Valentine and his struggle to deal with the demons of his past and the foes of the present which will ultimately shape the man he becomes in the future.

It was midday on Valentineís Day in New Star City and everything was quiet as usual when suddenly one of New Starís well known banks, The Bank of Montgomery was attacked and in the process of being robbed by a known terrorist gang called the New Soldiers of Uncle Sam. Halfway through their effort to rob the whole bank they were interrupted by a man dressed in a black suit, carrying an H&K UMP 45. The Mystery Man calling himself Jack Valentine then single handedly foiled the robbery attempt on the bank. Jack then ran outside and drove away from the scene before he too was arrested. Jack was an ex secret agent for a mysterious organization and he had come to New Star to settle a personal vendetta. When he was younger his adopted father Lord Bedlam Valentine was killed by gangsters in his native home of London, England. From that day Jack swore that he would get his revenge and satisfy the need for Justice in the world by eradicating all gangsters from the face of the earth even if he had to do it city by city. A few days after the robbery Jack met up with a local gang informant who could give him information on the other gangs but soon after the informant double crossed Jack and warned all the gangs who then assigned their best assassins to kill him. After killing the informant and finding out the names of the assassins Jack sets out on his mission and successfully kills 3 of the assassins before he is arrested by the police and taken to an interrogation cell where he meets an old friend from his days in the organization. She then warns him not to kill anymore but to help her in her fight to stop a madman from unifying the cityís gangs for an insurrection. A few days later the mastermind reveals himself to New Star City as a man in a mask calling himself the Monitor and challenges the defenders of New Star City to stop him but as more attempts are made the more dangerous his retaliations are. As more chaos and destruction is wreaked on the city Jack must find a way to solve the identity of the Monitor and along the way find away to exorcise the demons of his past.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Broken Hearts.
Ch. 2 Chapter 2: Let's make friends.
Ch. 3 Chapter 3 : On the Horse you rode in on
Ch. 4 Chapter 4: Friend in need
Ch. 5 Chapter 5 : The Chase
Ch. 6 Chapter 6 : The Diary of Jack Valentine
Ch. 7 Chapter 7 : Beachside Blues
Ch. 8 Chapter 8 : Morals and Ethics
Ch. 9 Chapter 9 : When Nobody loves you
Ch. 10 Chapter 10 : Lovers and Madmen
Ch. 11 Chapter 11: Intruders in my city
Ch. 12 Chapter 12 : Torch Song
Ch. 13 Chapter 13 : Silence among turmoil
Ch. 14 Chapter 14: Assault
Ch. 15 Chapter 15 : Pandemonium
Ch. 16 Chapter 16 : Tranquility and Discovery
Ch. 17 Chapter 17 : Confrontation
Ch. 18 Chapter 18: Finale


J.D. Roth Monday, 11 April 2016
This is well written and a very good telling of a story. My only criticism is that you start out by brilliantly painting a portrait of the scene and then the story kind of turns to "this happened, then that happened, then that happened, etc." I think with more detail, this could definitely be published. Could you please check out the work I recently published, entitled Fear the Reaper, and leave some feedback? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
Delphinia Fuller Sunday, 12 January 2014
moves very quickly, I like superhero stories. I would just suggest a little more description.

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