Tower of Babel
GenreSci-Fi / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Sunday, 22 December 2013
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Living in the small town of Arp, Texas, Ben only knows vague details to the origin of his telekinesis and how it links to the death of his parents. One day, a transfer student by the alias of Cindy Mandolin enrolls at Ben's school who also possess such abilities, but Cindy is captured by a society of telepaths living within a massive tower hidden from the world. Ben sets out to rescue Cindy however, the Bio-Machina, a cyborg mercenary team, is on a mission to kill all beings who wield the power of telekinesis. Itís a race to the top as Ben fights for the truth of where he comes from, why he was left out of the tower, and who he truly is.

TOWER OF BABEL is a Sci-Fi novel for Young Adults, complete at 93,350 words.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Ch.1
Ch. 2 Ch.2
Ch. 3 Ch.3
Ch. 4 Ch.4
Ch. 5 Ch.5
Ch. 6 Ch.6
Ch. 7 Ch.7
Ch. 8 Ch.8
Ch. 9 Ch.9
Ch. 10 Ch.10
Ch. 11 Ch.11
Ch. 12 Ch.12
Ch. 13 Ch.13
Ch. 14 Ch.14
Ch. 15 Ch.15
Ch. 16 Ch.16
Ch. 17 Ch.17
Ch. 18 Ch.18
Ch. 19 Ch.19
Ch. 20 Ch.20
Ch. 21 Ch.21
Ch. 22 Ch.22
Ch. 23 Ch.23
Ch. 24 Ch.24
Ch. 25 Ch.25
Ch. 26 Ch.26
Ch. 27 Ch.27
Ch. 28 Ch.28
Ch. 29 Ch.29
Ch. 30 Ch.30
Ch. 31 Ch.31
Ch. 32 Ch.32
Ch. 33 Ch.33
Ch. 34 Ch.34
Ch. 35 Ch.35
Ch. 36 Ch.36
Ch. 37 Ch.37
Ch. 38 Ch.38
Ch. 39 Ch.39
Ch. 40 Ch.40
Ch. 41 Ch.41
Ch. 42 Ch.42
Ch. 43 Ch.43
Ch. 44 Ch.44
Ch. 45 Ch.45
Ch. 46 Ch.46
Ch. 47 Ch.47
Ch. 48 Ch.48
Ch. 49 Ch.49
Ch. 50 Ch.50


David Jae Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Well written and professional, with a very fine line drawn on your violence. Not my personal favourite, but a well executed work.


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