Turned (The Turned Trilogy #1)
GenreYoung Adult / Thriller
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 8 December 2013
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Lara’s family has vanished. Her love, her soldier, Erik went to war. It began with an outbreak, a supernatural force that changed the living to the undead. Humans, loved ones even, suddenly turned - morphed into blood seeking monsters. To find other humans, she leaves her home. Gathering allies along the way, she journeys toward the next safe haven, a military base, but many obstacles threaten their very survival. Is there room for love in a world where everyone is out to get you? Follow Lara and Erik on their adventure. This is the pulsating first installment of ‘The Turned Trilogy’. Do they have the grit to survive?


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Zhala
Ch. 1 Lara
Ch. 2 Erik
Ch. 3 Lara
Ch. 4 Erik
Ch. 5 Lara
Ch. 6 Erik
Ch. 7 Lara
Ch. 8 Erik
Ch. 9 Lara