Smiling Through a Monday
GenreFan fiction / Humour
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Thursday, 7 November 2013
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It had been going on for hours.
Tsubasa had had enough.
He stormed into the living room and threw his library book on the floor. "WILL YOU BE QUIET!?"
Everyone in the living room froze.
What's wrong with getting grounded? Join Gingka and his friends as they hangout with Mallory "MJ" Hopeman and her cousins of meddling horror. Humor weaves through their fun daily lives as the gang have fun just by smiling through a Monday.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Geek is taken to a whole new level
Ch. 2 When Cavities rear their ugly heads
Ch. 3 Things that can be used as weapons
Ch. 4 When Tsubasa says you're grounded
Ch. 5 Ryuga's adventures in babysitting
Ch. 6 Excerpt: Out of Control
Ch. 7 Save him some chips, they said.
Ch. 8 When you give Kyoya a truck
Ch. 9 Excerpt: Prototype 1
Ch. 10 Excerpt: The Other Side
Ch. 11 Excerpt: Dear Daughter
Ch. 12 Of Forests, Ryuga, and Pineapple Trees
Ch. 13 Tsubasa doesn't know any good pool games
Ch. 14 Of 7 Maniacs left home alone