Blowing Embers
GenreFantasy / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Saturday, 2 November 2013
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Kallai has a tendency to make things explode. Not on purpose, but every spell sheís ever tried has gone up in a puff of smoke. Literally. And being the only mage in school who canít actually perform a spell has left her at the mercy of those looking for an easy target. It takes her meeting Shuu, a boy who claims to have been sent away from a war, to get her to really open her eyes to the world and her situation. But Shuu isnít safe to be around, and the longer Kallai is with him, the closer to the fire she gets.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Running
Ch. 2 Exploding
Ch. 3 Dreaming
Ch. 4 Hiding
Ch. 5 Hissing
Ch. 6 Gaping
Ch. 7 Eating
Ch. 8 Answering
Ch. 9 Stealing
Ch. 10 Falling
Ch. 11 Shivering
Ch. 12 Humming
Ch. 13 Staring
Ch. 14 Lighting
Ch. 15 Failing
Ch. 16 Grinning
Ch. 17 Questioning
Ch. 18 Sketching
Ch. 19 Hobbling
Ch. 20 Understanding
Ch. 21 Flying
Ch. 22 Igniting
Ch. 23 Glittering
Ch. 24 Shaping
Ch. 25 Chanting
Ch. 26 Clenching
Ch. 27 Attacking
Ch. 28 Standing
Ch. 29 Faking
Ch. 30 Brushing
Ch. 31 Countering
Ch. 32 Slowing
Ch. 33 Stalking
Ch. 34 Gasping
Ch. 35 Choosing
Ch. 36 Transforming
Ch. 37 Shooting
Ch. 38 Hoping
Ch. 39 Agreeing
Ch. 40 Planning
Ch. 41 Roaring
Ch. 42 Crying
Ch. 43 Stroking
Ch. 44 Demonstrating
Ch. 45 Nodding
Ch. 46 Sobbing
Ch. 47 Surviving
Ch. 48 Asking
Ch. 49 Appearing
Ch. 50 Reading
Ch. 51 Sidling
Ch. 52 Cheering
Ch. 53 Epilogue


David Jae Tuesday, 28 January 2014
I enjoyed this.

You set up the story well and your protagonist is someone we can care about.

The scene is set well and it makes me want to read more.


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