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Coming from a background in Islam, living in Baghdad, Iraq, would give me some credit to display the contradictions in Islam. Heavily involved in evangelism, apologetic criticism, and Islam would give some sort of "rights" to write about this topic displaying contradictions within the Qur'an and outside of the Qur'an as well... The eastern culture is very different from the western culture. I will take a moment to explain the difference in order for us to understand the milieu of that era.
I have plenty of Muslim friends who are closer to me than my family. No offense is intended at all!
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List of chapters

Ch. 1 Corruption of the Bible
Ch. 2 God of the Bible
Ch. 3 God of the Qur'an
Ch. 4 The Trinity
Ch. 5 The Denial of Jesus' Death
Ch. 6 Chrislam
Ch. 7 Factual errors and Faulty Ethics - P1
Ch. 8 Factual errors and Faulty Ethics - P2
Ch. 9 Conclusion


Adrian Spencer Sunday, 29 September 2013
It's interesting to see something like this on here. I never thought of Heaven and Hell exactly like you explained them. So that was an interesting take. The example was something really hard to swallow. If a member of my family were treated as such, I wouldn't care saint or sinner I'd want the person to receive punishment. That is the difference between us and God I suppose. Still at the same time, I don't believe our sins on earth go without punishment, Christ does completely forgive us, but even the thief on the cross still died by his crucifixion. That's not to say God won't have mercy as is obviously displayed by Him forgiving that same thief. Anyway, like I said this is interesting and I enjoyed reading.

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