Basic Instincts
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 18 September 2013
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What choice would you make? "Basic Instincts" follows the journal of a man as he struggles to make the right decisions for his family, all while the world crumbles around him.

Even in the most extreme of times, Leroy Herman is cool-headed. Never one to bend under pressure, he's up to the challenge of a lifetime when a mutant virus shows up and changes the entire landscape.

After the virus gets loose, Leroy must use all of his coolness to not panic and get his family through what most would refer to as the end times, at the same time dealing with the desolation of the world around him.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Journal Entry #1
Ch. 2 Journal Entry #2
Ch. 3 Journal Entry #3
Ch. 4 Journal Entry #4
Ch. 5 Journal Entry #5
Ch. 6 Journal Entry #6
Ch. 7 Journal Entry #7
Ch. 8 Journal Entry #8
Ch. 9 Journal Entry #9
Ch. 10 Journal Entry #10


Rocky Rochford Tuesday, 8 October 2013
Loving the story so far, absolutely nothing wrong with it, amazing. I look forwards to more.

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OkamiWolf Saturday, 28 September 2013
Another good chapter! Good job at writing about his feelings. I don't like writing diaries so I can connect to him their and though he does seem to have some anger issues you can tell he really cares about his family. Keep up the good work!
OkamiWolf Saturday, 21 September 2013
So far so good! The idea of doing journal entries is a cool idea and you did good on writing his thoughts, just make sure you keep it up. Right now I can't see the plot of the story but I will read on to find out!

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