A Girl Named ME
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Submitted:Wednesday, 4 September 2013
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This is a sequel to 'A Girl Named Her'
Still my thoughts, but now like I think them, instead of pretending I'm looking into someone else's mind.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 1
Ch. 2 Notice Me?
Ch. 3 She makes me..
Ch. 4 HOW??
Ch. 5 Secretly...
Ch. 6 Her
Ch. 7 Last Night..
Ch. 8 I love...
Ch. 9 What's Wrong With Me?
Ch. 10 Well Fuck..
Ch. 11 She's
Ch. 12 I love you.
Ch. 13 Seriously?
Ch. 14 Perfect Days
Ch. 15 I wonder...
Ch. 16 I'm Done
Ch. 17 why don't I deserve happiness too...
Ch. 18 all of the tonights thoughts
Ch. 19 My bed
Ch. 20 im a cheese ball
Ch. 21 of course
Ch. 22 I'm Done
Ch. 23 Fuck
Ch. 24 My Music
Ch. 25 I can't feel
Ch. 26 Askdjfahlf
Ch. 27 It's Time
Ch. 28 My Life
Ch. 30 I've Fallen Again
Ch. 31 Someone.
Ch. 32 help....
Ch. 33 Memories
Ch. 34 goodbye
Ch. 35 walking away
Ch. 36 Our last talk
Ch. 37 Dear Santa
Ch. 38 Maybe, I Wonder
Ch. 39 A Monologue?
Ch. 40 I dont know
Ch. 41 yea
Ch. 42 Society
Ch. 43 You, I'll never understand
Ch. 44 whyyy
Ch. 45 Because I cant Text you..
Ch. 46 And you texted me..
Ch. 47 Skype sucks
Ch. 48 Suck
Ch. 49 I want to be okay?
Ch. 50 I'm Starting to See.
Ch. 51 All of Me :)
Ch. 52 Nights like tonight
Ch. 53 a path less traveld
Ch. 54 I know, I know..
Ch. 55 I love you...
Ch. 56 I broke down tonight
Ch. 57 yep
Ch. 58 betrayed
Ch. 59 not okay
Ch. 60 Its been awhile


ashblogs Sunday, 28 May 2017
literally me , If this is coming out of you I understand , I'm Ashley I'm 15 and I love your chapters.
Loving Virus Saturday, 26 March 2016
edvanl Thursday, 17 April 2014
You forgot that you are beautiful and an amazing friend to those people that are unseen by most. You are one of the people that makes this world OK to live in.
edvanl Wednesday, 2 October 2013
Love is a two way street. I am proud of you for what you are doing. You are doing the right thing for both of you. I hope it end up working out for your best interests.

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