The M.H.X. Chronicals
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Submitted:Tuesday, 30 June 2009
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The magnificance of the developement of the
Manukau Harbour Bridge project by the MHX Alliance.
Portrayed poetically in Marshal Gebbie's second
book "The M.H.X. Chronicles".


List of chapters

Ch. 1 MHX on Parade
Ch. 2 M.H.X. Emergeth
Ch. 3 Mudpies with Vega
Ch. 4 Pier Five
Ch. 5 An Astounding Reciprocosity
Ch. 6 The Man with the Iron Hand
Ch. 7 Drainage
Ch. 8 Wet Winter Weekend
Ch. 9 The Cast Iron Manhole Cover.
Ch. 10 To Work Men, to Work !!
Ch. 11 The Witch in the Ditch
Ch. 12 Dave's Message


paul schoaff Thursday, 9 July 2009
I didn't realize you had this in two places. Perhaps you really mean these compliments?

I once wrote a monograph about the brilliant strategy upper management conceived. At each step downward of dissemination of the new policy, the reaction of the fellows became more and more negative, until the new policy became a 'rank pail of shit'. But the descriptions the level 9 said that level 10 had were always couched in euphumism as they were reported to level 8 for example, so that by the time the total reaction to the new policy was reported back to level 1, they were happy to hear about the unbelievable welcome the new policy had received at all levels.

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