Bloody Wizards
by LCD
GenreFantasy / Suspense
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Saturday, 17 August 2013
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One day, Peenagel turned up in my office. This time things were serious, he said. An evil warlock was after him. What was worse, it was a warlock of the kind that destroyed universes. Not just one, but many of the entire multiverse. That's where things became complicated and Peenagel needed me, a nerdy Oxford physics professor who happened to be specialized in cosmological quantum theory.

Don't ask me how but someway Peenagel had managed to time travel from the Dark Ages he was born in and had cruised space and time. For me, he was a wizard but he preferred to be called a druid. A Scottish one. So that's why we ended up warping back to the eighth century right into his past. Well, actually it was his future. Ah, what the heck. Just read the story of our adventures and how we dodge death on multiple occasions and finally save the universe. Or rather multiverse.

And if you are a returning reader or simply enjoy the ride, why not give this story a nice rating. Peenagel will reciprocate gratefully by brewing you an interesting potion...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 A Visitor from the Past
Ch. 2 Dark Times
Ch. 3 Pictland
Ch. 4 The March
Ch. 5 The Broch
Ch. 6 The Trial
Ch. 7 Execution is Crucial
Ch. 8 Eowan
Ch. 9 Quantum of Tunnelling
Ch. 10 Geedolpha's Stone
Ch. 11 Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Ch. 12 The GWOAT
Ch. 13 Buying or selling?
Ch. 14 Geedolpha
Ch. 15 CALAMare cITY!
Ch. 16 This Guy's the Limit
Ch. 17 The Star of the Evening
Ch. 18 Glow in the Dark
Ch. 19 The Creator
Ch. 20 Djee'Neekhan reveals himself
Ch. 21 The Theory of Everything
Ch. 22 Inside a Black Hole
Ch. 23 Borrowed Time