Dear Diary
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Submitted:Monday, 5 August 2013
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I first started writing in my diary when I didn't want to tell people how I felt or what my thoughts are. I used to burn every page after I wrote down my feelings but, now I keep them in a box and post them up on the web so that I know that someone somewhere cares or has read my story.
Feel free to judge but, keep in mind that I'm not perfect and I don't plan to be perfect.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 5/8/2013
Ch. 2 Dad,
Ch. 3 To Sie,
Ch. 4 21/5/2013
Ch. 5 30/11/2012
Ch. 6 12/December/2013
Ch. 7 5/Dec/2013
Ch. 8 dad,
Ch. 9 Dear Tony,
Ch. 10 dad,
Ch. 11 2/Dec/2013
Ch. 12 10/2/2014
Ch. 13 21/2/2014
Ch. 14 25/2/2014
Ch. 15 11/3/2014
Ch. 16 13/3/2014


Gerry! Tuesday, 6 August 2013
well then... upload more chapters!:)

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