The Starchild
GenreSci-Fi / Fantasy
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Thursday, 20 March 2008
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14-year-old Isis McGowan is tasked to becoming the next legendary Starchild of Ancient Lore. The only problems lie in the fact that she has no experience, no knowledge of how to control her awesome power, and no idea of what lies on the horizon for herself or for a future Earth--devastated by a past visit from a powerful entity known only as the God of Insanity.

Her role as the new guardian and the fledgling protector of the universe becomes complicated by the Praetorial Guard and an ex-Starchild gone rogue--endangering everyone she ever knew and loved.

Despite her shortcomings, Isis is determined to meet these challenges head on. But the question remains: Can she do it?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Battle
Ch. 2 Escape
Ch. 3 Ghostly Encounter
Ch. 4 Isis McGowan
Ch. 5 Hotdogging in the Desert
Ch. 6 Calis McCraff
Ch. 7 Wind Tag
Ch. 8 Sheltered
Ch. 9 Home Schooled
Ch. 10 Sibling Love
Ch. 11 Decision Time
Ch. 12 Morning Run
Ch. 13 Broken Down
Ch. 14 Repairs In Progress
Ch. 15 Fixed
Ch. 16 Passcard Required
Ch. 17 Whales at Weasel Ridge
Ch. 18 Going Up?
Ch. 19 New Arrival
Ch. 20 Bayen Yelou
Ch. 21 A Chance Encounter
Ch. 22 Fran's Gift
Ch. 23 Overnight Stay
Ch. 24 Bath Time
Ch. 25 Love Interest and Social Divisions
Ch. 26 Bitter Memory
Ch. 27 Reflections
Ch. 28 New Experiences
Ch. 29 Myths and Legends
Ch. 30 Arts and Crafts Time
Ch. 31 Bayen's Dream
Ch. 32 Bayen's Revelations
Ch. 33 Checking Out
Ch. 34 Rendezvous
Ch. 35 Field Trip
Ch. 36 Unfettered Vow
Ch. 37 The Hard Truth
Ch. 38 Destiny Calls
Ch. 39 Cold Indifferences
Ch. 40 Observation Park
Ch. 41 Lingering Uncertainty
Ch. 42 Home Again
Ch. 43 Keron Takes Over
Ch. 44 A Promise of Protection
Ch. 45 Evening Excursions
Ch. 46 The Arena
Ch. 47 Catfight Central
Ch. 48 Emergence of Chaos
Ch. 49 Dreamscapes
Ch. 50 First Encounter
Ch. 51 Kicked Out
Ch. 52 Calis's Discovery
Ch. 53 Ice Cream Stop
Ch. 54 Caught!
Ch. 55 The Starchild Resurfaces
Ch. 56 Confusion Ensues
Ch. 57 Hell Unleashed
Ch. 58 Retribution
Ch. 59 The Future Embraces the Past
Ch. 60 Unsettling Discoveries
Ch. 61 Romantic Interlude
Ch. 62 Captain Rayna Hastings
Ch. 63 Isis's Predicament
Ch. 64 The Praetorial Guard
Ch. 65 Skirmishes Erupt
Ch. 66 Dogfight
Ch. 67 World of Hurt
Ch. 68 Playing Decoy
Ch. 69 Good Plan; Very Bad Timing
Ch. 70 A Lesson In Chaos
Ch. 71 Nemesis Revealed
Ch. 72 Fate's Gamble
Ch. 73 Gone in a Blink
Ch. 74 Keron's Unexpected Surprise
Ch. 75 The Past Comes To Light
Ch. 76 Hat Trick
Ch. 77 Touch and Go
Ch. 78 In the Clear
Ch. 79 Life's Little Lessons
Ch. 80 More Entanglements
Ch. 81 Self-Destruct
Ch. 82 Fight or Flight?
Ch. 83 Explosive Repercussions
Ch. 84 Loose Ends
Ch. 85 Anguish
Ch. 86 Double Double
Ch. 87 Irritants
Ch. 88 Subsequent Visits
Ch. 89 Storm Test
Ch. 90 Hard Learning
Ch. 91 The Wrong Target
Ch. 92 No Happy Campers Here
Ch. 93 Dreams or Desires?
Ch. 94 A Class Act
Ch. 95 Isis Reveals The Truth
Ch. 96 Caught In A Crossfire
Ch. 97 Going Supersonic
Ch. 98 Party Crashers
Ch. 99 Pitched Battle
Ch. 100 Death Plays; Wins Hands Down
Ch. 101 Not So Clear Cut--Is It?
Ch. 102 Stories and Legends
Ch. 103 Searching High and Low
Ch. 104 Dinner Consternations
Ch. 105 Personal Time
Ch. 106 Prep Time
Ch. 107 Viper X-1
Ch. 108 Unwanted Attention
Ch. 109 Taken Off Guard
Ch. 110 Racing The Wind


Angel Knight Wednesday, 20 February 2019
It was a really good first chapter and i can't wait to read more of your story.
M.K. Adams Thursday, 10 March 2016
I thought this was a very enticing opening chapter. It immediately built lore into your story which I'm sure will be developed in future chapters, and for such a small chapter it did a very good job of hooking the reader and establishing characters. Kudos.

PS - If you fancy reading and commenting on the first couple of chapters of my new book I would be very grateful
Sean_Valentino Thursday, 26 March 2015
Great first chapter. You've definitely peaked my interest with your story.
K.R Thursday, 11 December 2014
I found it very enjoyable, seems like a great story so far. (only read this chapter). I would say there are some typos. I personally would hold out on some of the characters until next chapter, it was kind of hard to follow with so many names. Just have to take out the unnecessary things,not saying some things aren't necessary, just to this chapter they aren't needed. Overall great story, just a little tweaking.
John T. Goodman Friday, 27 June 2014
Very gripping. Grammar could be patched up a bit. Otherwise joining and elongating the chapters or organizing them into larger groups would be desirable in a published form.

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