Always Anyways...
GenreRomance / Fantasy
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 16 May 2013
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Lady Jane Snowfox makes the drastic decision to leave her husband, a foreign King, and follow her heart for a underlord who has captivated her with his love. But as star crossed lovers, their fate meets a dramatic end. Returning to the lands of her father, the king in her homeland, she is met with shame and disgrace. Broken by how love betrayed her, her father issues a warning:

"But you, my daughter, you will linger on in darkness and
in doubt as nightfall in winter that comes without a star.
Here you will dwell bound to your grief under the
fading trees until all the world is changed
and the long years of your life are utterly spent."
(- From J.R.R. Tolkin)

Can she reclaim her honour? Does following your heart always end in such a beautiful disaster? Can there be life after this for her, worthy of the sacrifices she made?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Prologue: The Beginning
Ch. 2 Prologue: Lovesong
Ch. 3 Prologue: Farewell at arms
Ch. 4 Prologue: White Blank Page
Ch. 5 Prologue: Jarring of Hearts
Ch. 6 Prologue: I carry your heart with me
Ch. 7 Prologue: Dragons and Rabbits
Ch. 8 Prologue: A Dream
Ch. 9 Prologue: For my King
Ch. 10 Prologue: Hope Springs Eternal
Ch. 11 Prologue: O Little Heart
Ch. 12 Prologue: A final destiny...
Ch. 13 Prologue: A Girl...
Ch. 14 Prologue: The End
Ch. 15 A New Start
Ch. 16 A Feast
Ch. 17 A Trip to the Markets
Ch. 18 The Market Aftermath
Ch. 19 The Prince's Arrival
Ch. 20 My Day with Nicolito
Ch. 21 The Prince's Depature
Ch. 22 Dark Memories
Ch. 23 The Frankish Prince
Ch. 24 The Frankish Prince...continued
Ch. 25 A dark ride
Ch. 26 The Frankish Prince departs
Ch. 27 Saving my Lady
Ch. 28 The "Accident"
Ch. 29 Healing
Ch. 30 Peace and Protection
Ch. 31 Quiet Days
Ch. 32 A picnic
Ch. 33 A Summer Night
Ch. 34 Unrest
Ch. 35 To the coast
Ch. 36 The War Camp
Ch. 37 Lord Gannon lives!
Ch. 38 Dinner with Lord Gannon
Ch. 39 Bitter Winds
Ch. 40 Unknown truths
Ch. 41 A plan
Ch. 42 Dangerous Trip
Ch. 43 Unseen heros
Ch. 44 An unwanted goodbye
Ch. 45 Ambushed
Ch. 46 Prisoner
Ch. 47 Days with Taggart
Ch. 48 Reality slips away
Ch. 49 The council of men
Ch. 50 The truth with Taggart
Ch. 51 Turn of events
Ch. 52 First day of service
Ch. 53 Second day of service
Ch. 54 Agony of service
Ch. 55 Return of Alaric
Ch. 56 Talk with Alaric
Ch. 57 Evening with Alaric
Ch. 58 Alaric's lady
Ch. 59 The crown
Ch. 60 The plan of lies
Ch. 61 Freedom
Ch. 62 Loss of Gannon
Ch. 63 Royal Camp
Ch. 64 Princess Regent
Ch. 65 Small Comforts
Ch. 66 Facing Alaric
Ch. 67 Arrival
Ch. 68 Homecoming
Ch. 69 Day of a thousand tears - Part 1
Ch. 70 Day of a thousand tears - Part 2
Ch. 71 My Dove
Ch. 72 A new day
Ch. 73 Renewed worries
Ch. 74 Kenrick's Stand
Ch. 75 Prisoner Alaric
Ch. 76 Alaric's Demands
Ch. 77 The Message is sent
Ch. 78 The Sickness
Ch. 79 Bitter Herbs
Ch. 80 The Truth
Ch. 81 Eadgar's Wrath
Ch. 82 Renewed Faith
Ch. 83 The Box
Ch. 84 Taggart's Return
Ch. 85 Nicolito's Reality
Ch. 86 The Meeting and The Offer
Ch. 87 Madge's Advice
Ch. 88 The Pledge and a Kiss
Ch. 89 The Return of Exile
Ch. 90 Arrival of Aryness
Ch. 91 Return of Taggart
Ch. 92 Father's Visit
Ch. 93 New Trade
Ch. 94 The Ship's Arrival
Ch. 95 Prince Dmitri
Ch. 96 The Lady Archer
Ch. 97 Takarian Joining Ring
Ch. 98 Takarian Mystery
Ch. 99 A Bet
Ch. 100 The Archer's Challenge


B.Morvan Friday, 11 July 2014
"...yet he was my angel of darkness." I love that line! I love how this story has been worded to captivate the audience's FULL attention.

If you don't mind please check out some of my work!
Tasha Slone Tuesday, 4 March 2014
Shortest Chapter ever :) but very captivating and makes the reader read more. Here is to chapter two being longer!
Tasha Slone Tuesday, 4 March 2014
I'm really impressed! This is what writing is!
David Jae Thursday, 20 February 2014
This is an interesting and emotional story with a lot of conflict. It's well written and enjoyable.

Olafferty Tuesday, 21 January 2014
This is short but it got to me. Excited for the next part is always a positive response for a prologue and you got me in four sentences!

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