Linked Hearts
by Keri
GenrePoetry / Self-help
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Monday, 13 May 2013
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This is an on-going story of my current love status. We met on the internet and well, things happen. I only ask that if you do comment, please be keep it friendly.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Internet Crushes
Ch. 2 Waiting For Your Reply
Ch. 3 Breathe Fire


Bartimeaus Monday, 13 May 2013
At first i thought the rhyming scheme was askew or something. But it falls into place all right. Good, not bad at all but don't you think its a little fast and vague. No offence.If you would describe more emotions with him/her, it would evolve. So continue...

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