The Notes
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Submitted:Friday, 26 April 2013
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These are notes/quotes I found on the internet that relate to me or my friends.
Book 2 of Notes.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 I Wish
Ch. 2 Bruce Lee
Ch. 3 Everyone Needs...
Ch. 4 People cry...
Ch. 5 My Knight!
Ch. 6 Waiting for the day
Ch. 7 You Done Goofed-BOTDF
Ch. 8 Forever xoxo
Ch. 9 If I Could!
Ch. 10 You Smile ;P
Ch. 11 Thousand Pages
Ch. 12 Life is short
Ch. 13 To my haters
Ch. 14 Find Your Way-BOTDF
Ch. 15 My Death
Ch. 16 Emo Kids
Ch. 17 You Can't Judge
Ch. 18 Smiling
Ch. 19 You...
Ch. 20 Waste Of Time
Ch. 21 Hay Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted-BlessTheFall
Ch. 22 Regret
Ch. 23 First and last person
Ch. 24 Something To Someone
Ch. 25 My Heart
Ch. 26 Love
Ch. 27 You Don't Need Me
Ch. 28 I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know-Never Shout Never
Ch. 29 It Isn't Over
Ch. 30 I hope
Ch. 31 I Hate About Myself
Ch. 32 Best Friends
Ch. 33 The Day
Ch. 34 PEACE
Ch. 35 Trampoline-Never Shout Never
Ch. 36 Around For A While
Ch. 37 One Day
Ch. 38 Close Your Eyes
Ch. 39 Cutting
Ch. 40 Who You Fall In Love With
Ch. 41 Everything Is Different
Ch. 42 This Shit Gets Old-Never Shout Never
Ch. 43 Dear Parents,
Ch. 44 Dear Parents...
Ch. 45 DEPRESSION??????
Ch. 46 Felt In Our Hearts
Ch. 47 They Left The Only Person
Ch. 48 It's over
Ch. 49 A Daydream Away-All Time Low
Ch. 50 EMO's
Ch. 51 Who I Am
Ch. 52 New One
Ch. 53 Person That Cares
Ch. 54 A Flower
Ch. 55 For Me,
Ch. 56 The Light Behind Your Eyes-My Chemical Romance
Ch. 57 When you are gone
Ch. 58 The Best


Stormie Saturday, 14 December 2013
This is one of those things I love skimming through, thanks for putting it together.

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