Married to the man that I hated
GenreRomance / Education
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Submitted:Wednesday, 20 March 2013
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For many Iím nobody.I am not a genius.I am not rich.A simple and ordinary girl like others with a lot of dreams and a few ideas.With so many projects and a few talents.But for Aaron,Iím everything and he for me is my world.My eyes,everything in me is projected towards the man who loves me,handsome and strong,the last man in the world who I thought I would fall in love with,the first and last man who I can actually love to the depth of my heart,and the only one I could give my whole life without blinking.

When the arrogant businessman Aaron marries Alicia as part of his deal in exchange to ensure the happiness of her family,he promises to make her life hell because of the days that he spent in jail and the one slap that he received.He was completely obsessed with her.However the question is that will he destroy her or get destroyed in her love? As days flew by,Alicia gets a glimpse into the painful past of Aaron and realizes that he is not as bad as he claims to be.But Alicia also has to act as a protector for Aaron as they both realise that someone is out to kill him and after some unsuccessful attempts,they knew that the killer would definitely get lucky one day.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 My unique marriage
Ch. 2 Can someone be so unlucky?
Ch. 3 If you mess with my mother,I'll rebel
Ch. 4 The new Alicia
Ch. 5 It's time to teach Aaron a lesson
Ch. 6 Our new feeling for each other
Ch. 7 I was determined to know his past
Ch. 8 Changes
Ch. 9 Changes
Ch. 10 New dawn


S.P.A Thursday, 21 March 2013
Wow this is amazing!

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