The Kolodyne Curse
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‘The Kolodyne Curse’ is a tragic love story set against the backdrop of the bloody Mizo insurgency that lasted about two decades. During the period between 1966 and 1986, lives of the common tribal people living in Mizoram, a tiny state of India in the northeast, had been turned upside down. The fierce battle between the security forces and the rebels of the Mizo National Front (MNF) led by their firebrand leader, Laldenga had torn their social fabric apart and threw their unique way of life asunder.

Bualpui, a simple village girl, living in a small remote village of Lomasu in the southern part of state, called as the Lakher country, located on the banks of the river, Kolodyne dared to fall in love with David, an Indian army captain. Previously her friend, Zomi had suffered the pain and anguish of betrayal by an army havildar but that didn’t deter her from treading the same path. Bualpui loved David selflessly, madly but David’s love wasn’t altruistic. She gave him everything, her heart, her soul whereas he gave her nothing except everlasting pain and suffering.

The story encompasses many incidents depicting the human costs of the conflict suffered by both, the security forces and the rebels alike. And in the crossfire were caught, the simple village folks whose only fault was that they were born in Mizoram during its most troubled period.

The seesaw battle between the army and the insurgents continued for two decades from 1966 to 1986, which witnessed sometimes the rebels gaining the upper hand and sometimes the security forces. The saga of killing and blood letting continued without respite. Often the unfortunate and unsuspecting tribal folks paid the price for the rage and recklessness of fighters on the either side of the ideological divide. In those two decades of fighting many women were widowed, many sons and daughters orphaned, many old people rendered homeless and many girls betrayed and almost all of them were endlessly tormented and traumatized.

Of numerous simple village girls who suffered the betrayal during the battle, Bualpui was one such girl. This is her story of love and belief, betrayal and heartbreak, suffering and guilt, and ultimately of hope for a new dawn, born out of the ruins of her tragic love story.

It is her tryst with her ruinous destiny and shattered fate, and the fight for a small place under the sun. Where many girls like her, suffering from the betrayal either killed themselves or were killed by their tribal brethren in the name of honour killing, she fought them all and fought them hard. She fought her personal tragedies and traumas and came out triumphant in the end to give a new meaning and a new direction to her life helping her less fortunate tribal men and women to overcome their traumas, apply balm to their mental and psychological scars.

It is the story of her exceptional courage, fortitude, forbearance, immense inner strength and belief in God’s unique gift of a human life that helped her to transform a war ravaged and wailing Lakher country into the valley of happiness and hope. It is a saga of love and hatred, myth and mystery, mystic and magic, sacrifice and revenge, humanity and barbarity, loyalty and betrayal. The story covers many incidents depicting the human costs of the Mizo conflict suffered by both the security forces and the rebels.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Lomasu
Ch. 2 Lomasu


P. Clifford Mills Monday, 18 February 2013
At the start, you describe the sun going down in cloudy skies. The sun is crimson, the hills are green. The hills gradually turn black, and then the stars come out. Wow. Exactly the same thing happens in Australia, where I live! The writing would grab us more at the beginning if it described something unique and special to your setting. We all love reading about the exotic. I'm sure you're capable of delivering that, SP Singh.

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