Tears of the Rain
GenreYoung Adult / Suspense
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Tuesday, 23 June 2009
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Alison always thought there was nothing wrong being home-schooled but it didnt feel like home-school because her parents were never there to teach her.
She moves into an even bigger house and goes exploring around there, which then she meets Molly Harrison. They soon become best friends. Molly convinces Alison to go to public school and so she does.
But that is when all the weird stuff started happening. One day Alison sees two convicts ruining and looking for something in her dads office.
Later, the cops show up and say they got a call that the two men she saw, were seen wandering around their house. So Alison takes it upon herself to figure out who they are and what they want.
She finds out that, that they are after her because they were put in jail because her dad couldnt find enough envidence to get them out because Alisons mom was in labor. So the one shoots ALison as the FBI were rushing in the door, they capture the wrong convict and take him to jail.
So ALison decides to get the whole story. She finds out the two convicts, Scott Ginning and Herald Germane were involved with a store hold up when she was born and that Herald was put in jail while Scott went free, when really Scott should be in jail because it was his fault the three people were dead. And only one person can prove that because she was the only one to see the hold up happen.
So will she help get Herald out of jail or will she fall under pressure and not help?
The rest of the book follows Alison's life and her parents and her friends lifes.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 What My Life Has Been Like
Ch. 2 School Starts
Ch. 3 We ARE in Danger
Ch. 4 Everything is Happening too Fast
Ch. 5 I have to do Something
Ch. 6 Life Will Never Be The Same
Ch. 7 Doing the Right Thing
Ch. 8 Solving This Case
Ch. 9 I Gotta Do What I Gotta Do
Ch. 10 Getting Back To School Stuff
Ch. 11 Saving Molly
Ch. 12 Getting On With My Life
Ch. 13 Too Many Things at One Time
Ch. 14 Telling the Truth
Ch. 15 It Couldn't Get Worse Than This
Ch. 16 The Message
Ch. 17 Into The Future
Ch. 18 That Day Is Finally Here
Ch. 19 For Once, Everything Stood Still
Ch. 20 Molly’s New Life
Ch. 21 Zach's New Life
Ch. 22 Alex's New Life
Ch. 23 Kate's New Life
Ch. 24 The Weddings
Ch. 25 Life After Marriage
Ch. 26 Mr. Hale’s Life after Alison Died
Ch. 27 Where's Sadie?
Ch. 28 We Have BIG News
Ch. 29 Becoming A Close Family Again
Ch. 30 A Visitor Will Change Everything


Alex-Sandra Thursday, 13 February 2014
I love this book… I have only read the first chapter so far but will read more. You should check out my story! I have one chapter up but I have six chapters ready!
Fantasyx Saturday, 7 November 2009
Hi there I agree with Cam, please check mine out.
Mine needs better punctuation, and spell checks atm there is only 5 chapters to, but give it a go.
Cam Saturday, 11 July 2009
The plot looks well thought out and there's some pretty good stuff in there :)
I enjoyed reading this, and the grammar and punctuation was sound - great help to the reader :P
All Id say to enhance your writing and help it flow is to not add tags to every single new line of speech, as it makes it drag a little, and more boring and repetitive to read ...
Otherwise, a great start! :)

If you have the time, would you mind checking my work out?
a. Thursday, 25 June 2009
...sounds like this could be a good story, i'll keep reading.

by the way, i updated on the freak slut.

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