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What if you could do far more than you realize? The collection of books called 46. Ascending asks this as five very different members of a family each discover that they respond to danger by developing skills that appear to defy logic.
An injury ended Alex Zeitmanís hopeful basketball career decades ago and today he coaches and teaches physics. His country school has a long history with organized hate groups and the recent influx of immigrants has brought out new intolerance. But when the administration itself looks like it wants to turn the clock backwards to an era of white supremacy, Alex can no longer sit idle.
When an old friend reappears along with an ancient Maya mystery that Alex is uniquely qualified to help solve, the past and present intertwine as both issues force Alex to come to terms with the tempo altering talents that he thought that he left behind years ago on a basketball court.
As he and his family find themselves in danger, Alex has to accept that his empathic wife has become a telepath and that his quiet genius son has taught himself how to alter his own appearance. Alex struggles with his definition of reality as he recognizes that he must also learn to control his special temporal abilities before legacies from long ago harm those he loves, and before his own era loses a rare opportunity to bridge the past and the future.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Before: December 1696
Ch. 2 February 1981
Ch. 3 February 1993
Ch. 4 April 2009
Ch. 5 Part 1. Treasure Hunting for a Good Time January 2010