The Psychology of Music Performance Anxiety
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Submitted:Saturday, 12 January 2013
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With its intense competition, shifting employment landscape, and endless supply of “note perfect” recordings, music performance in the context of the modern music profession makes music performance anxiety an unwelcome companion for many performing artists.

Understanding performance anxiety is one of the most important challenges facing performance scientists today. This groundbreaking volume offers new theoretical perspectives and indispensable practical insights into the causes, symptoms, and treatments for music performance anxiety.

This unique text brings clarity to the concept of anxiety and the anxiety disorders, and their possible relationships to music performance anxiety. Detailed clinical examples highlight the intensely personal suffering experienced by musicians with severe music performance anxiety.

The book also reviews the literature on performance and performance psychology and identifies the circumstances under which peak and optimal performance may be attained as well as discussing available treatments.

The voices of musicians are clearly heard throughout the book, thus making it accessible to a wide readership of researchers, psychologists, musicians, teachers, and students.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Phenomenology of music performance anxiety
Ch. 2 Conceptual framework
Ch. 3 The anxiety disorders
Ch. 4 Defining music performance anxiety
Ch. 5 Epidemiology of music performance anxiety
Ch. 6 Theoretical contributions to understanding music performance anxiety
Ch. 7 Treatment
Ch. 8 Severe music performance anxiety: phenomenology and theorizing
Ch. 9 Common themes in the lives of performing musicians
Ch. 10 Prevention and pedagogy