Bringing up Baby: The Psychoanalytic Infant Comes of Age
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This important text synthesises the diverse literature and theories on infant development into a coherent framework that illuminates the essence of infancy for all those who have infants, study infants, teach about infancy, make policy with respect to infant welfare, or work medically or therapeutically with mothers and their infants.

It brings together in one volume the principal theories of infant development, beginning with Freudís vision of the Oedipal infant. It then moves through the post-Freudian (Anna Freud) and object relations theories of infancy (Melanie
Klein and Donald Winnicott) to the attachment (John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth) and intersubjective (Beatrice Beebe and Daniel Stern) theories.This is followed by a discussion of the cognitive developmental theories of Jean Piaget and the neo-Piagetians, and concludes with an account of the modern infant of developmental neuroscience, and an examination of the
neurobiology of attachment, stress, and care-giving. This work of both depth and breadth brings the infant to life in the mind of the reader. It challenges cherished beliefs about the nature and capacities of infants, charts the developmental pathways travelled into childhood and beyond, and demonstrates that our inner infant is never far from the adult we become.

Written in a scholarly, yet accessible, way for a wide audience, this book will appeal to students of psychology, psychotherapy, education, and child care;psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and infant and child policy makers;as well as parents and all those who have an interest in understanding the experiential world of infants and the relational contexts that nurture their development.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Psychoanalysis and infancy: Historical and theoretical overview
Ch. 2 Freudís theory of infant sexuality
Ch. 3 The infant of the child psychoanalysts
Ch. 4 The attached infant: the psychoanalytic legacy
Ch. 5 The cognitive infant
Ch. 6 The modern infant: enter developmental neuroscience


P. Clifford Mills Sunday, 13 January 2013
Blank page. A post-modern joke? Or did the publication process let you down?

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