Revenge (Full Book)
GenreHorror / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 4 January 2013
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witch and warlock twins Alyssa and Landon have finally made it to senior year WITH the help of their soul mates Parker and Alexis. Although ever since school started, a memory has haunted Alyssa and Landon. What is happening to them? As time progresses they need all the help they can get to sort out the memories and figure out what is going on. Why did the Dark lord think he killed Alyssa? Why does she feel like there are people after her? Why does her soul belong to Parker but a deep essence is calling to her brother for love? Why? Is the magical world she knows falling apart or has she ever known it?

With help from Hecate, Aidon, their soulmates and a shocking surprise here and there a race against time has begun but will they make it to the finish before time runs out?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Curse
Ch. 2 The mourning
Ch. 3 Demon Spirits
Ch. 4 The Immortals
Ch. 5 The Dude
Ch. 6 Alive?
Ch. 7 History
Ch. 8 I am ancient...I am broken
Ch. 9 Why?
Ch. 10 Silent
Ch. 11 A Feeling
Ch. 12 Imagining Things
Ch. 13 The "Book"
Ch. 14 Confusion
Ch. 15 Poems
Ch. 16 The prison
Ch. 17 Revealed
Ch. 18 My First Keeper
Ch. 19 Possesion
Ch. 20 Darkness...friend or foe?
Ch. 21 A Traitor Returned
Ch. 22 The Truth at Wales
Ch. 23 Uncovered
Ch. 24 I am Calix
Ch. 25 The Child Discovered
Ch. 26 Betrayal
Ch. 27 Time Draws Near
Ch. 28 Almost Free
Ch. 29 Calix?
Ch. 30 I am Free!!
Ch. 31 Suprise??
Ch. 32 Personality Quiz given to you by the Author.


James Laurie Monday, 15 April 2013
This is a cool concept for a story you have created. I can't wait to read more. Only criticism I would have is that the first chapter was really fast, I was hoping for more smaller details. But it didn't detract from the overall feel of the grandeur of the story. Good Job. If you could check out "The Sanctuary" it would be much appreciated.

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