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Submitted:Saturday, 20 June 2009
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this is a exersise. like a short bio of everyone i make up...something along that line


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Natila Suhgon
Ch. 2 Dean Jacuzzi


mercy_sos Saturday, 1 May 2010
i like ur book and i'm 11 but if her name is kelly why is the first chapter natilla suhgon
Erin Arnett Saturday, 12 September 2009
Would you mind checking out my books, AmyLiz. Sorry to sound so harsh on all of yours. But I am trying to help you. I am only thirteen and am still learning myself, but I try my hardest and some ppl before I told tem I was 13, thought I was like, 17. I 've always loved reading, and I think the obsession got started after I read Twilight. No, not obsessed with the book, obsessed with writing my own novel. My own vampire novel. But I only wrote for fun on ppr and refrained from posting it online bcuz there were so many ppl writing them. So yea, I just kind of rambled, bt ya, plz check out my storyz.
Miss Unidentified Friday, 26 June 2009
wow you are doing good describing

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