Walking With Thorns in My Feet (The Early Years 2000-2004)
GenrePoetry / Young Adult
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 16 December 2012
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Take a journey into Drew's mind of raw, pure emotion. Available for the first time to the public, you will embark on a journey of love poems, sad poems, and disturbing poems. Enjoy!


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Intro
Ch. 2 Worship
Ch. 3 My
Ch. 4 Mirror
Ch. 5 Day
Ch. 6 Am
Ch. 7 I Don't Know
Ch. 8 Snow
Ch. 9 Should Be
Ch. 10 Drew's Nightmare
Ch. 11 Drew's Dream
Ch. 12 Face
Ch. 13 Bad
Ch. 14 I Love You More
Ch. 15 Nothing To Do
Ch. 16 No One Knows
Ch. 17 Too Close
Ch. 18 Do I Deserve This?
Ch. 19 Is This
Ch. 20 Inside/Out
Ch. 21 Game
Ch. 22 With You
Ch. 23 Make A Wish
Ch. 24 Work Love
Ch. 25 I Love
Ch. 26 How Do I Tell You?
Ch. 27 Too Long
Ch. 28 Away From This Place
Ch. 29 Before You
Ch. 30 Unexplainable
Ch. 31 Psychology
Ch. 32 It's Love
Ch. 33 Every Time
Ch. 34 I Know What to Do
Ch. 35 You Never
Ch. 36 Emotions Inside
Ch. 37 Leave Feeling
Ch. 38 Reality
Ch. 39 Tomorrow Is Gone
Ch. 40 Nature
Ch. 41 No
Ch. 42 I Remember You
Ch. 43 The Way I Used To Be
Ch. 44 Times Have Changed
Ch. 45 Open Eyes
Ch. 46 In Love
Ch. 47 Love Poem
Ch. 48 Last Day
Ch. 49 The Journey
Ch. 50 Outro


Indiānna Thursday, 20 December 2012
Love the imagery in this poem, very
catching & full of awe. Don;t hesitate to visit my page & read some of my poems ;)

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