Letters To Mattie
GenreRomance / Tragedy
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Sunday, 2 December 2012
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For seventeen year old Sam, the biggest problems she used to face was the frustration of family and friends or worrying about her test scores.

Now she's faced with finding a way to cope with all this plus the unexpected death of her boyfriend when her entire life is flipped upside down.

Through the suggestion of her therapist, she decides to write him a series of letters where she talks about her daily struggles with coping, memories of her previous life with him, and coming to an understanding of loss and grief.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Sunday, July 22nd


Sweet Surprise Friday, 12 April 2013
I like this so far! Way to go and keep it up ^^
LottieNightmare Monday, 18 February 2013
I really like the sound of this, the idea is original and your words are beautiful. I can't wait to read more of this!
Rebecca Jane Wednesday, 12 December 2012
This is a beautiful idea! Your words are so heartfelt. It's so sad :(

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