Poems about Love
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Submitted:Saturday, 17 November 2012
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Poetry about Love. For boyfriends, girlfriends & ex's. A collection of work inspired by events in my own life as well as the lives around me. Ranging from starkiss moments laying under a orange trees in full bloom or sitting on my back poarch dunring a thunderstoorm .
"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." ~ Plato


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Blue Moon
Ch. 2 Love, Lust, and M&M's
Ch. 3 Guys can love too.
Ch. 4 Markell W. Maxwell
Ch. 5 What he said and what me meant.
Ch. 6 At this moment...
Ch. 7 Snowfall & Love
Ch. 8 Box full of love.
Ch. 9 This is a story about four people:
Ch. 10 If you let me just stick around
Ch. 11 My Wonderful Fails.
Ch. 12 The melody of the birds
Ch. 13 ...will hurt me last..
Ch. 14 The Couple not Meant to Be.
Ch. 15 I want to...hurt you like you hurt me.
Ch. 16 She has two options.
Ch. 17 You promised not to brake her heart.
Ch. 18 She is a Royal Blacksmith
Ch. 19 Sorry
Ch. 20 13 Lies (Collaboration with Isis Lou)
Ch. 21 Apologies
Ch. 22 Her
Ch. 23 On The Way Home From Ohio
Ch. 24 You were 21
Ch. 25 To My Ears
Ch. 26 Little Surfer Girl
Ch. 27 love in lieu of lust, lead me to I do
Ch. 28 Single? Taken? Too good to have my heart played with like a toy?
Ch. 30 Love Cycle
Ch. 31 Here's to the girls
Ch. 32 Confession
Ch. 33 Crying wolf
Ch. 34 If I was to cry.
Ch. 35 Blinded Eye
Ch. 36 My Tragic Hero
Ch. 37 First Love
Ch. 38 In person.
Ch. 39 When I woke up my boyfriend said
Ch. 40 My oh my
Ch. 41 Beck my Ex
Ch. 42 The Happily Ever After
Ch. 43 I'm Done With You
Ch. 44 From all the young ladies of the world.
Ch. 45 s(he's) br(ok)en
Ch. 46 Beautiful Smiles...
Ch. 47 Yosemite
Ch. 48 A chance at paradise.
Ch. 49 This Thanksgiving
Ch. 50 Chuck
Ch. 51 40 days and 40 nights of sex and disposition
Ch. 52 I lost...
Ch. 53 Nightmare Before my Eyes
Ch. 54 Thinking back...
Ch. 55 Poem for a girl named Kennedy
Ch. 56 Young Victoria
Ch. 57 Paradise
Ch. 58 Youth in Revolt
Ch. 59 What We Are.
Ch. 60 He lovingly traced all my scars.
Ch. 61 To Write Love On Her Arms.
Ch. 62 I typed a one hundred and one word...
Ch. 63 ...nothing at all.
Ch. 64 Pretty little lady
Ch. 65 Home and Hell not so different
Ch. 66 I'm slowly dying
Ch. 67 I refuse to get left behind
Ch. 68 The sweetest gift you gave me
Ch. 69 I don't dislike you because you left.
Ch. 70 I See
Ch. 71 If even that
Ch. 72 Should I believe?
Ch. 73 Excuse me Miss...
Ch. 74 Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You?
Ch. 75 Right?
Ch. 76 How does that feel?
Ch. 77 Kameron R. Woodard
Ch. 78 He once loved me.
Ch. 79 If I'm not what you want don't act like it.
Ch. 80 My ex?
Ch. 81 I still want you to love me
Ch. 82 Rain Clouds
Ch. 83 One + One might = Three
Ch. 84 All is fair in love and war.
Ch. 85 Never would have thought it would end like this.
Ch. 86 Alphabetized
Ch. 87 Vodka helps.
Ch. 88 You Love Me Of Every Other Rhythm
Ch. 89 Lovers Lies


slinc Thursday, 19 November 2015
love box full of love!
slinc Thursday, 19 November 2015
love it!
Angee Wednesday, 16 July 2014
cdarlene Tuesday, 22 April 2014
favorite (:
Snowie Sunday, 2 March 2014
I can relate to ds one..And evn d last one too...I ve felt ds..I am ur fan :)

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