The Chronicles Of The Wolf
GenreFan fiction / Sci-Fi
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 7 November 2012
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It's the 1300s and seventeen year old Kaine MacLeod, the seventh youngest out of nine kids, couldn't be more content. Everything is peaceful and normal in his life, well almost normal, ever since he could remember he's been a special kid. Being different looking than his family isn't the reason though, he has an ability to see things before they happen. It's never been a bother to him though, that was, until he had a vision of his death. Soon his world begins to change drastically, starting with the appearance of a beautiful girl named Chris, who has the same abilities as him. With the discovery of her he learns his life was more or less trained for the moment she came. He even learns that his parents have had his abilities as well and that he was the only child to inherit it from them. Soon he's pushed toward leaving home in search of his father's master and the one who trained him, The Templar Alexander. Under the Templar's guidance he starts to build strength, along with Chris, and he believes he may have found someone who can train him to harness his strange ability. But it doesn't last long, Kaine soon finds out an unbelievable and terrible secret about himself that could cost him everything. And he's soon thrown into a battle over a lost ancient relic that can answer his questions. With danger and a villian he'd never expect after him, he must reach this relic and face his destiny. Or else he may lose himself to the power growing inside, that could either save or destroy him.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Vision
Ch. 2 A Chance Encounter
Ch. 3 The Future
Ch. 4 Future Mirror
Ch. 5 Truths and Realizations
Ch. 6 Personal Legends
Ch. 7 Caught Offguard
Ch. 8 Fated Meeting
Ch. 9 Sibling Bonds
Ch. 10 Fast Learner...Fast Runner
Ch. 11 Accepting Fate
Ch. 12 A Future Never Told
Ch. 13 Departure


Kaine Friday, 21 December 2012
Kaine here, I'm working on new chapters and there should be at 20 chapters by Christmas. Feel free to comment.

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