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Submitted:Wednesday, 24 October 2012
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Shase Lindell is the outlying immortal, planeswalking monster slaying freedom fighting scientist. This is his story. Please comment, I don't have very much experience with writing and any feedback is beneficial.Thank you


List of chapters

Ch. -2 Title Page
Ch. -1 Foreword
Ch. 0 Introduction
Ch. 1 Not An Honorable Fight
Ch. 2 The Cursed Knowledge
Ch. 3 No Way Out
Ch. 4 Feathers
Ch. 5 Afraid of the Dark
Ch. 6 The Mending Of The World
Ch. 7 Market Price
Ch. 8 Ember
Ch. 9 Lost
Ch. 10 A Price to Pay
Ch. 11 Dismay
Ch. 12 Amongst The Draugr
Ch. 13 Sedo The Savage
Ch. 14 Home Invasion
Ch. 15 An Unexpected Consequence
Ch. 16 Expected
Ch. 17 Survivor
Ch. 18 An Unexpected Offer
Ch. 19 Stuck With The Jeriah
Ch. 99 From Another World
Ch. 999 Notes


Michelle Reid Friday, 26 October 2012
Great write...

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