Something Worth Fighting For
GenreRomance / Young Adult
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Friday, 19 October 2012
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Natalia is in her last year of high school. Everything in her life is going according to her plan. Her friends are alongside her, she's working hard for her grades, and there is just the right amount of drama in her life. If she has it her way sheíll even get the guy she wants to go with to the prom. She just doesn't expect one person to throw her entire life off course.

Dallas comes home to London, for a second chance. After three years of studying in Calgary on a soccer scholarship, and having at one point lost his love for the game; Dallas is willing to do whatever it takes to make it on to Toronto FC. With his love for the game renewed, he knows this time it's all or nothing. Little does he know who he will be dealing withÖ

Itís not long before Natalia and Dallas notice the magnetic pull between them; each of them trying to fight it. Together they learn that life canít be planned to the detail, and that love canít be explained. The only question that remains: is it worth fighting for?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Great Disappointment
Ch. 2 Trips & Rugs, Kiss & Run
Ch. 3 Not Completely Untouchable
Ch. 4 The Goodbye Kiss
Ch. 5 Mid-Winter Night's Dream
Ch. 6 Raine Day Parade
Ch. 7 Love Is Pain...
Ch. 8 ...Humiliation Is Worse
Ch. 9 Snow Flakes
Ch. 10 Mollie Who?
Ch. 11 Denial
Ch. 12 The Return
Ch. 13 Changes
Ch. 14 The Boy Does Something
Ch. 15 A Toast To Friendship?
Ch. 16 The Decision
Ch. 17 Toungue Tied
Ch. 18 Something Kinda Screwed
Ch. 19 Issues
Ch. 20 Memory Of You
Ch. 21 Now Or Never
Ch. 22 This Heart Is Missing You...
Ch. 23 Big Brother's Watching
Ch. 24 Till The Light Fades
Ch. 25 Never Leave You
Ch. 26 Crash And Burn
Ch. 27 I'll Stand By You
Ch. 28 Chasing Pavement
Ch. 29 Offical
Ch. 30 Fair Weather Boyfriend
Ch. 31 The X Factor
Ch. 32 La Tour De York
Ch. 33 About A Boy
Ch. 34 Stay Close To Me
Ch. 35 Three Words
Ch. 36 Watch Her Go
Ch. 37 The Beautiful Life
Ch. 38 She
Ch. 39 Forever Is Over
Ch. 40 Calling The Shots
Ch. 41 Fight For This Love
Ch. 42 Denying Everything We Were
Ch. 43 The Avoidance Theory
Ch. 44 Losing Control
Ch. 45 Rain On Me
Ch. 46 The Graduation
Ch. 47 A Broken Heart Will Travel
Ch. 48 Ghosts And Stuff
Ch. 49 What About Now?
Ch. 50 The Promise
Ch. 51 My Heaven's With You
Ch. 52 The Loving Kind
Ch. 53 Somebody To Love
Ch. 54 Never Had A Dream Come True


Phillip O'Sullivan Friday, 2 December 2016
Whew! A very long story. Completely developed. Could do with more passages of dialogue maybe?
Indigo Thursday, 8 August 2013
Gotta take a break, but I love it so far. A really light book, but with good character development and a great plot. Keep it up!
Ka hona Thursday, 7 March 2013
The "as you wish" sound like the the movie The Princess Bride, or at least I think that is the name.
clairee Tuesday, 29 January 2013
this is actually a really good book!!!!

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