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Submitted:Wednesday, 10 October 2012
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Some of the notes are depressed and some of them are sayings that I found. But, they are about me in some crazy way.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Taking chances
Ch. 2 shit you hear about me
Ch. 3 Society
Ch. 4 Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass-All Time Low
Ch. 5 Sympathy
Ch. 6 Rise And Shine-Blood On The Dance Floor
Ch. 7 People
Ch. 8 On The Brightside-Never Shout Never
Ch. 9 Picture On My Wrist
Ch. 10 Coffee And Cigarettes-Never Shout Never
Ch. 11 Chapter 2
Ch. 12 Most days
Ch. 13 Not Good Enough For Truth In Clichae-Escape The Fate
Ch. 14 Piggy Bank-Never Shout Never
Ch. 15 Smokes
Ch. 16 Life sucks
Ch. 17 You Are You
Ch. 18 Yourself And Everyone Else
Ch. 19 Start Being Myself
Ch. 20 People Out There
Ch. 21 Disappointments And Depression
Ch. 22 BITCH
Ch. 23 Childhood
Ch. 24 Rain
Ch. 25 Therapy
Ch. 26 Run
Ch. 27 Me, You And My Medication-Boys Like Girls
Ch. 28 My Head In A Cloud
Ch. 29 Hero/Heroine-Boys Like Girls
Ch. 30 Another Boy
Ch. 31 Up Against The Wall-Boys Like Girls
Ch. 32 Misery
Ch. 33 Five Minutes To Midnight-Boys Like Girls
Ch. 34 Top Of Our Lungs
Ch. 35 Do Anything
Ch. 36 Bewitched-Blood On The Dance Floor
Ch. 37 Stoners
Ch. 38 Little Pieces
Ch. 39 What Is Love?
Ch. 40 What Is Love?-Never Shout Never
Ch. 41 Shit
Ch. 42 Hate
Ch. 43 The Past
Ch. 44 The Past-Never Shout Never
Ch. 45 No Love
Ch. 46 Life On My Own-Three Doors Down
Ch. 47 Life is beautiful for a little while
Ch. 48 Duck And Run-Three Doors Down
Ch. 49 When You're Young-Three Doors Down
Ch. 50 Learning To Fall-Boys Like Girls
Ch. 51 Stella-All Time Low
Ch. 52 World
Ch. 53 Fuck Life
Ch. 54 Your
Ch. 55 You And The World
Ch. 56 You And My Heart
Ch. 57 She's Got Style-Never Shout Never
Ch. 58 You That's All You Can Be
Ch. 59 Im
Ch. 60 Punch Line
Ch. 61 Parents
Ch. 62 When Will People
Ch. 63 Wake Me Up When September Ends-Green Day
Ch. 64 City Of Sin-Escape The Fate
Ch. 65 Death To Your Heart-Blood On The Dance Floorf
Ch. 66 The Ticking Inside
Ch. 67 Miss Bipolar (Love Fight)


Spartacus Wednesday, 21 May 2014
I like how you channel your inner feeling into a poem. They are also quite clever. My favorite is "Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass All Time Low" Chapter 4.
Jacob Glasgow Thursday, 8 May 2014
Well said. Well said.
Simera.T.MartinsBlackwood Friday, 12 April 2013
I think your writing is awesome I love it.I can totally relate high five for having the courage to share, Check out my books I'm working on a fantasy trilogy right now.
Pen Goddess Friday, 16 November 2012
I wish I could tell these to all the nasty bitches at school
Pen Goddess Friday, 16 November 2012
this is amazing :))) The words easily touches me

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