After the Organization
GenreFan fiction / Fantasy
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 10 October 2012
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"Where did I think I could go? What a joke..."
"You just keep running, 'cause I'll always be there to bring you back!"
"You and I will be together, forever..."
Roxas has fled the Organization, and wound up in a boarding home in a small coastal town. He lives in a home, but his heart lives in the Castle That Never Was, on the Clock Tower in Twilight Town, and more often than not, in the Realm of Darkness.
Axel's lost. He's lost all his friends, a million chances, his whole life. He's going on a Mission, not one the Superior of the In-Between issued for him to carry out, one he is doing on his own agenda. But for once in his life he isn't sure he can get to his destination...
Xion isn't in reality anymore. Isn't much of anywhere, really. She's not a person. She's not remembered. She's gone. Yet she still follows Roxas closely, keeping a grip on the one component she has left of her life.
Three close friends. Three different parallel worlds. Two different realities. One motive.
Get together, and stay together.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Axel
Ch. 2 Roxas
Ch. 3 Axel
Ch. 4 Roxas
Ch. 5 Roxas
Ch. 6 Roxas & Axel
Ch. 7 Xion
Ch. 8 Roxas
Ch. 9 Xion
Ch. 10 Roxas
Ch. 11 Xion
Ch. 12 Roxas
Ch. 13 Xion & Axel
Ch. 14 Roxas
Ch. 15 Roxas
Ch. 16 Roxas & Xion
Ch. 17 Xion
Ch. 18 Axel
Ch. 19 Xion & Axel
Ch. 20 Xion and Roxas
Ch. 21 Axel
Ch. 22 Xion
Ch. 23 Xion & Axel
Ch. 24 Xion & Axel
Ch. 25 Roxas
Ch. 26 Axel & Xion
Ch. 27 Roxas
Ch. 28 Xion & Axel
Ch. 29 Roxas
Ch. 30 Xion & Axel
Ch. 31 Xion
Ch. 32 Roxas
Ch. 33 Xion & Axel
Ch. 34 Axel & Xion
Ch. 35 Roxas
Ch. 36 Xion and Axel
Ch. 37 Axel & Xion
Ch. 38 Xion & Axel
Ch. 39 Roxas
Ch. 40 Xion


Falco276 Wednesday, 21 August 2013
This KH story is really good, although I recommend you to post it on fanfiction. n-e-t. Many people will like it.
I love that one part where Roxas attends a boarding house. That's really cool! But otherwise, keep it up! :D
LovelyFinale Thursday, 11 October 2012
I really envy your style of writing and your creativity. Great story. It certainly kept me captivated me.

I would really appreciate it if you read the imcomplete chapter 1 of my book "All The Right Angles" Your feedback would be amazing!

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