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Submitted:Thursday, 4 October 2012
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See things the way I do.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Thought one
Ch. 2 Thought Two
Ch. 3 Thought Three
Ch. 4 Thought Four
Ch. 5 Thought Five
Ch. 6 Thought Six
Ch. 7 Thought Seven
Ch. 8 Thought Eight
Ch. 9 Thought Nine
Ch. 10 Thought Ten
Ch. 11 Thought Eleven
Ch. 12 Thought Twelve
Ch. 13 Thought Thirteen
Ch. 14 Thought Fourteen
Ch. 15 Thought Fifteen
Ch. 16 Thought Sixteen
Ch. 17 Thought Seventeen
Ch. 18 Thought Eighteen
Ch. 19 Thought Nineteen
Ch. 20 Thought Twenty
Ch. 21 Thought Twenty One
Ch. 22 Thought Twenty Two
Ch. 23 Thought Twenty Three
Ch. 24 Thought Twenty Four
Ch. 25 Thought Twenty Five
Ch. 26 Thought Twenty SIx
Ch. 27 Thought Twenty Seven
Ch. 28 Thought Twenty Eight
Ch. 29 Thought Twenty Nine
Ch. 30 Thought Thirty
Ch. 31 Thought Thirty One
Ch. 32 Thought Thirty Two
Ch. 33 Thought Thirty Three
Ch. 34 Thought Thirty Four
Ch. 35 Thought Thirty Five
Ch. 36 Thought Thirty Six
Ch. 37 Thought Thirty Seven
Ch. 38 Thought Thirty Eight
Ch. 39 Thought Thirty Nine
Ch. 40 Thought Fourty
Ch. 41 Thought Forty One
Ch. 42 Thought Forty Two
Ch. 43 Thought Forty Three
Ch. 44 Thought Forty Four
Ch. 45 Thought Forty Five
Ch. 46 Thought Forty Six
Ch. 47 Thought Forty Seven
Ch. 48 Thought Forty Eight
Ch. 49 Thought Forty Nine


kthaler Sunday, 21 July 2013
I read all the thoughts up to chapter 6. These are very interesting. I really loved chapter 6. The description in so little words was just great. I also love the cause and effect part of the poem.
If you have time, I would LOVE it if you read my new dystopian story, "Demon." I would love feedback/rating on it. Thanks!

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