The Thoughts of My Insane Mind
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Submitted:Sunday, 16 September 2012
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I wrote my first book of poems from when I was twelve until a few days before my fifteenth birthday. Now it's September, a good five months after my birthday. A lot has happened to me since then, and a lot happened before. I use poetry as a way of letting out the feelings I refuse to talk about. I hope you guys enjoy it.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Months Have Gone By
Ch. 2 Just to Know You
Ch. 3 Always Waiting for a Chance
Ch. 4 The Animal Within
Ch. 5 Close Enough
Ch. 6 What I Know
Ch. 7 Caught
Ch. 8 Fake or Real
Ch. 9 All That Remains
Ch. 10 My Prince Charming
Ch. 11 The Best Friends Poem
Ch. 12 How Can You?
Ch. 13 Soft Steel
Ch. 14 The Poem of the Niece
Ch. 15 Long Ago
Ch. 16 Life of Darkness
Ch. 17 Without You
Ch. 18 The Truth About Swag
Ch. 19 The Old Me
Ch. 20 So Unsure
Ch. 21 Can't You Tell?
Ch. 22 Look At Me
Ch. 23 Oh Dear
Ch. 24 The Year 2012
Ch. 25 Once Upon A Time and Now In the Present
Ch. 26 The Changeling
Ch. 27 Ginger
Ch. 28 Where Are You?
Ch. 29 How It All Ends
Ch. 30 Don't You Remember?
Ch. 31 Part of Me
Ch. 32 One Day, Some Way
Ch. 33 Running Away
Ch. 34 My Greatest Fear
Ch. 35 Growing Up
Ch. 36 My Dirty Little Secret
Ch. 37 Captured
Ch. 38 Hopefully
Ch. 39 My Sweetheart of Forever
Ch. 40 Saintly Sinner
Ch. 41 Christ
Ch. 42 Sweet Love of Mine
Ch. 43 Come Back Home
Ch. 44 Left Behind
Ch. 45 We Need Healing
Ch. 46 Oceans
Ch. 47 World of the Writer
Ch. 48 Guitar-Playing Genius
Ch. 49 The Unprepared Pilot


Pseudonym Sunday, 16 September 2012
This is amazing!! I love this one!
Pseudonym Sunday, 16 September 2012
You have a way with words that is admirable! Keep it up!

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