If You Ever Come Back
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Submitted:Tuesday, 7 August 2012
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Let me start by saying thank you. If you're reading this, it probably means you will read the short story that follows. Even if you don't, thank you for your initial interest!

This is a songfic-- one of many that I've written.

A songfic is basically a song in story form. I can't remember when I started writing them, but they're a ton of fun and cause much less stress than a full-length book. I tend to get bored of things very quickly, but with songfics, you really don't have any time to grow tired of what you're writing. lol.

This songfic is "If You Ever Come Back" by The Script.

Thanks so much for reading & if you would like to read your favorite song in story form, written by yours truly, feel free to send me a message and I'll do my best to pull it off(as long as it's not a [email protected]$ta rap song, that is. I don't know if that'd be even possible... lol)! - A big thank you to Annabel for the idea!)

enjoy xx


List of chapters

Ch. 1 If You Ever Come Back


Annabel Sunday, 12 August 2012
This was freaking amazing. I had to turn the song on my iPod and listen to it while I read and... wow. This really follows the song (I love the random lines directly from the lyrics!).
Have you ever thought of doing like... the full The Script album? That would be amazing! :D
Anyways, I wish that this was something that would develop as a story and not just end where the song leaves off. You write like a professional.
Great job!

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