Like Always
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Submitted:Monday, 6 August 2012
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Hi there! I'm kind of new to posting fanfiction, I mean, I've been writing it for years and years and years, but I just thought I'd start posting. This little drabble was just something that came to me while I was watching Third Watch with my dad one day. It's not very good, and I kind of actually hate it, but I wrote it in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and I'm a sucker for repetition, so maybe, just maybe, someone out there likes it? lol.

This is nowhere near my best, but I kind of like to read over it. There's probably a ton of mistakes, so please feel free to point them out. Whenever I write drabbles, they're usually very rambly and very repetitive! just a heads up! {"like always" is repeated twenty-four times! yikes!}

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry about the length and the quality, as I've said, I wrote this in the middle of the night. ;p

By the way- this is fanfiction for the show "Third Watch," which was cancelled years ago, it's still amazing, so check it out? :)


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Ch. 1 Like Always