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GenreRomance / Short Stories
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 30 July 2012
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a book to pass the time


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Sasha POV
Ch. 2 Lukes POV
Ch. 3 Sashas POV
Ch. 4 Lukes POV
Ch. 5 Sasha POV
Ch. 6 Lukes POV
Ch. 7 Sashas POV
Ch. 8 Lukes POV
Ch. 9 Sashas POV
Ch. 10 Lukes POV
Ch. 11 Sashas pov
Ch. 12 Lukes POV
Ch. 13 Sashas POV


Abby Vandiver Monday, 30 July 2012
One big paragraph, is too hard to read. New paragraph when different people speak, a new paragraph for a new thought. There are some grammatical and continuty error. How do they go from sitting on the couch to naked in bed?

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