Nine Brief Scenes From The End Of The World
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Submitted:Monday, 2 July 2012
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Decades ago, scientists sent a radio transmission into space, hoping to communicate with an extra-terrestrial culture. It detailed our culture, accumulated mathematical knowledge, and the finer points of human physiology. Now, years later, they have finally received a reply…
The Western Hemisphere is plunged into chaos, as exposure to the alien radio signal transforms millions of ordinary citizens into savage lunatics, their re-programmed minds relentlessly driving them to spread mayhem and death.
From the southernmost point of Chile to the farthest reaches of Northern Canada, the day dawns upon a desperate struggle for survival. Fleeing from raging fires, disastrous havoc, and the murderous rampaging of the infected, the survivors must try to overcome the odds and survive to see tomorrow - but, with a mentally unstable President contemplating full-scale nuclear war on the East, will there even be a tomorrow?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 I.
Ch. 2 II.
Ch. 3 III.
Ch. 4 IV.
Ch. 5 V.
Ch. 6 VI.
Ch. 7 VII.
Ch. 8 VIII.
Ch. 9 IX.


Alexander Penrose Thursday, 26 February 2015
Well written sketches, all of them. You have a good grasp of horror, although I should add that more than a few times, I found myself laughing. I think that not only could there be more sketches, but they can have gallows humour, and be a black comedy of a horrifying apocalypse.

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