The Divine Sword
GenreFantasy / Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Sunday, 7 June 2009
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When Richard's village is destroyed, his childhood friend, Katie, is captured and taken to Hellio, the most dreaded place on the continent. He and Brianna, another good friend, set out to rescue her.

Richard and Katie learn that they posses Divine Weapons, which they must use to destroy the man that is trying to take over the lands; Emperor Astroth. Together, they must fight, or die trying.

Richard hears a prophecy that says he must kill Astroth's minion, Lord Zarha, or Zarha will hunt down and kill Katie. Will his love for her be strong enough for him to do what must be done?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The truce, broken
Ch. 2 Richard's return
Ch. 3 Dragon
Ch. 4 Divine
Ch. 5 Setting out
Ch. 6 A glimpse of Ridley
Ch. 7 Ari
Ch. 8 Trouble in a city
Ch. 9 rescuing Brianna
Ch. 10 possible prophecies
Ch. 11 Nicholas
Ch. 12 Lord Zarha
Ch. 13 Breaking into Hellio
Ch. 14 Unexpected help
Ch. 15 Moving
Ch. 16 Rescued
Ch. 17 The Griffin
Ch. 18 Free from Hellio
Ch. 19 Mysterious powers
Ch. 20 Zarha's threat
Ch. 21 Ridley
Ch. 22 Fear
Ch. 23 On the ground again
Ch. 24 Danger
Ch. 25 Centaurs
Ch. 26 The Dream
Ch. 27 The Satyr
Ch. 28 Traveling
Ch. 29 Terror
Ch. 30 To the Palace of the Lady
Ch. 31 Zoey
Ch. 32 Magyk
Ch. 33 The Palace
Ch. 34 The Return of the Ring
Ch. 35 Prophecies
Ch. 36 A Threat
Ch. 37 Awake
Ch. 38 The Sword
Ch. 39 The Book of Tradition
Ch. 40 Love
Ch. 41 The Countryside
Ch. 42 Rescue Mission
Ch. 43 Attempt to Escape
Ch. 44 Hatch in the Ground
Ch. 45 Betrayal
Ch. 46 The Battle
Ch. 47 The Warning
Ch. 48 A New Beginning


Jake Connors Wednesday, 4 June 2014
I really liked this story:) great job with style of writing to make this story. I hope you could check out my stuff like my Airegoth one if you like to read fantasy. I hope you can give me your opinion or advice of so far what i got.:)
LittleAngel Sunday, 2 June 2013
I really enjoyed reading this, it immediately grabbed my attention.
Eryn Grayce Sorenson Thursday, 20 December 2012
This is interesting. But it seems as though you are bouncing between modern times and true medieval style. You need to pick one. Also, since this is a medieval story, you can afford to be more descriptive (it's okay, i had the same problem). But this beginning really grabbed my attention. Great start. I can really feel the chaos and confusion as Katie's captors argue back and forth and as the houses go up in flames, panic gripping the village. Absolutely thrilling. I will definitely finish this.
surfingpanda7 Saturday, 27 October 2012
Very nice. Fast paced and heart racing. Good beginning to a story. If you can please come by my new novel, The Jewels of Neora. I think you would really enjoy it.
TCTSTONE Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Wow, very great so far. This story really grabbed my attention and it's definitely my type of reading.

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