Underneath the Moon (Book one!) (Complete)
GenreAdventure / Mystery
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Saturday, 28 April 2012
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(8 ratings)
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Lexie is wierd. She isn't normal, people at her school say. She's teased.
Only, when she punches the school bully in the mouth and removes a tooth and gives her a nasty bite, the police arrive.
Will her life unfold before her, and will her ways of seeing herself change forever just because of one little event?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Lexie
Ch. 2 Katie
Ch. 3 Lexie
Ch. 4 Jeremy
Ch. 5 Lexie
Ch. 6 Lexie
Ch. 7 Flow
Ch. 8 Katie
Ch. 9 Lexie
Ch. 10 Lexie
Ch. 11 Jeremy
Ch. 12 Jeremy
Ch. 13 Katie
Ch. 14 Jeremy
Ch. 15 Flow
Ch. 16 Lexie
Ch. 17 Katie
Ch. 18 Lexie
Ch. 19 Jeremy
Ch. 20 Flow
Ch. 21 Lexie
Ch. 22 Lexie
Ch. 23 Katie
Ch. 24 Sophie
Ch. 25 Lexie
Ch. 26 Sophie
Ch. 27 Katie
Ch. 28 Lexie
Ch. 29 Flow
Ch. 30 Jeremy
Ch. 31 Sophie
Ch. 32 Katie


Uni Friday, 29 June 2018
BookWorm376, I love this book! I hope that you will finish the second book!!!! The only thing I think you should work on is your describing words. Other then that, you are a amazing Author!!!!
Imperfect.Angel Thursday, 15 August 2013
Nice book . (: I love fantasy stories about wolves, vampires, etc.

Check out my story "Murder & Seduction"
It's not complete, but I want a good audience and I don't have any ratings. I'll return the favor.

Thanks ! :)
kallen Fingars Monday, 25 February 2013
a beautiful book
Wolfeygrrl Sunday, 7 October 2012
dude, A-MAZ-ING!!!!
chili2010 Sunday, 23 September 2012
Great plot! Love it!
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