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I personally know how hard it is to get anyone to notice your work and to read what you have worked so hard on writing. Once you have that one source that supports your story though, you are on your way to many readers and ratings.
I've put up this page merely to help other authors. Writing is something that a lot of people are natural at and some are not that articulate with their story line's and plots. But I feel that with guidance everyone can make stories that are interesting, beautifully written and that appeal to the personalities of a wide variety of audiences.
So I'm extending this opportunity out to all authors submitting stories up here on Worthy of Publishing.
If you would like your book reviewed and rated, please message me the link/name of your book posted here on Worthy of Publishing, and the book synopsis and I will do my very best to give you honest and helpful feedback.
Please note that I will be doing these reviews, with a little help from my friends, one by one so each story will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. I will post a separate section here showing which stories I will review and in which order. Please feel free to create your own reviews of any of the books listed and send them to me and I will post them up on here too. This is a page for all to help all.
Also note that all reviews are the sole opinion of the reviewer and under no circumstances are we obligated to change our reviews to make a certain writer happy. Although the reviews won't be harsh, they are here to help a writer build on their skills, and all advice is to be taken up with the utmost gratefulness.

(Due to reviewers interest, I will have to exclude book reviews for stories with heavy adult content. If a story sent to me is seen to be unacceptable, I apologise in advance, but I will not be able to add it to the reviewing list. When you send me a link for a story, I will definitely message you back to let you know if I can do a review for your book or not)

I hope this page is beneficial to everyone and after reading the reviews, please do go and read the authors works and comment and rate their stories. Thank you.

**ON HOLD - If you would like to post a review you can still do so, but I am putting my own reviews on hold for the moment**


List of chapters

Ch. 0 The Book List
Ch. 0 A Little Help - Courtesy of StevenCash
Ch. 1 Love and War: Book One, Nephew Chronicles - by StevenCash
Ch. 2 Forever yours... - by Ankita Sengupta
Ch. 3 The Fractured Grey - by Lady Coldfeather
Ch. 4 The Hydrargyrion Trilogy: Quicksilver - by LimikkinSixx
Ch. 5 Moving - by T.M.Grubb
Ch. 6 Personal Recommendation
Ch. 7 Top Tips - Courtesy of LimikkinSixx
Ch. 8 Personal Recommendation
Ch. 9 Journey to Light (Part I of the High Duties of Pacia) - by Bob Craton
Ch. 10 Personal Recommendation
Ch. 11 A Helpful Hand - Courtesy of Lady Coldfeather
Ch. 12 Personal Recommendation
Ch. 13 Life of Spy (the acedamy) #1 - by Hakeem Gibbs


Lauren DM Smith Sunday, 24 June 2012
Thank you! I really appreciate the recommendation
Lillian Starr Monday, 7 May 2012
Thank you for the recommendation!
Lady Coldfeather Thursday, 26 April 2012
I agree, I absolutely adored the collab of Lillian and Steven! I think it's great when you have someone there keeping you right and adding creative input. Wonderfully written.
Jonah Kane Thursday, 19 April 2012
Hey, TKSK, I love your reveiws, I read practicly every book on your list! I'm just starting out as a writer on the site, and my book, well I think its just great but I'm struggling to get publicity! You think you could reveiw it, I'm sure your like it :). It's 'The Bakers Children' by Jonah Kane. Thank you so much :D
mandapanda96 Wednesday, 18 April 2012
awww <3 thank you so much! Keep working hard with your reviews and i hope that everything goes well,
manda :)

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