Life of Spy (the academy) #1
GenreAdventure / Fiction
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Tuesday, 20 March 2012
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“Remember me for what I was and not for what I'm about to do.” Casey said to Jake with a smile. Before either of us could react he turned around and jumped off the cliff and down one hundred feet into the ocean.

One year ago Jake, Kelly, Casey, Keri and George would never have imagined a life as a spy. Now, one year later, they can’t imagine their life without the constant dangers of being a spy. And with betrayals around every corner the only constant thing in their lives is the sting of loss. In a world where trust means everything, the young spies are learning that you can trust no one. Nothing is as it seems, and the line between the truth and lies becomes blurry. When the quintet discovers a secret that could change life as they know it they realize just how high the stakes have been raised. The more they uncover the more people want them dead. There's no going back. To save the world they have to try and do the impossible.

“You know, people say that lots of things are impossible. But when you really think about it impossible isn't one word it's two. I'm possible.” Jake said with a smile.

With a mission this important they can’t do it alone. The only question is who can they trust?


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Info
Ch. 1 Preface
Ch. 2 Character profile:
Ch. 3 Jake: Journal, Day One
Ch. 4 Chapter One: Trouble Brewing
Ch. 5 Jake: Journal, Day Two
Ch. 6 Chapter 2: Realization
Ch. 7 Chapter 2, Paul:
Ch. 8 Chapter 2, Kelly:
Ch. 9 Jake: Journal, Day Three
Ch. 10 Chapter Three: Sometimes good things happen in the form of bad things.
Ch. 11 Chapter 3, Paul:
Ch. 12 Chapter 3, Kelly:
Ch. 13 Chapter 3, Jake:
Ch. 14 Chapter 3, Paul:
Ch. 15 Chapter Four: Everyone has a role
Ch. 16 Chapter 4, Jake:
Ch. 17 Chapter Five Sometimes: you must lose to win.
Ch. 18 Chapter 5, Kelly:
Ch. 19 Chapter 5, Jake:
Ch. 20 Chapter 5, Paul:
Ch. 21 Chapter Six: WINNING IS BEST AFTER YOU HAVE lost first.
Ch. 22 Chapter 6, Kelly:
Ch. 23 Chapter Seven: Suspicions
Ch. 24 Chapter 7, Jake:
Ch. 25 Chapter Eight: Suspicious Behavior
Ch. 26 Chapter 8, Kelly:
Ch. 27 Chapter 8, Jake:
Ch. 28 Chapter nine: The search must go on
Ch. 29 Chapter ten: New Beginning
Ch. 30 PART II Character profile:
Ch. 31 Chapter One: Conflicts galore
Ch. 32 Chapter One: Keri:
Ch. 33 Chapter One: Casey
Ch. 34 Chapter One: George
Ch. 35 Chapter Two: New house, New Dorm
Ch. 36 Chapter Two: Casey
Ch. 37 Chapter Two: George
Ch. 38 Chapter Two: Keri
Ch. 39 Chapter Two: George
Ch. 40 Chapter Three: Another day, another new beginning
Ch. 41 Chapter Three: George
Ch. 42 Chapter Three: Keri
Ch. 43 Chapter Three: Casey
Ch. 44 Chapter Three: George
Ch. 45 Chapter Three: Keri
Ch. 46 Chapter Three: Casey
Ch. 47 Chapter Three: George
Ch. 48 PART III Character Profile
Ch. 49 Chapter One: The Secondary Academy
Ch. 50 Chapter One: Kelly
Ch. 51 Chapter One: Casey
Ch. 52 Chapter One: George
Ch. 53 Chapter One: Keri
Ch. 54 Chapter Two: A New Hope
Ch. 55 Chapter Two: Casey
Ch. 56 Chapter Two: Kelly
Ch. 57 Chapter Two: Keri
Ch. 58 Chapter Two: George
Ch. 59 Chapter Two: Jake
Ch. 60 Chapter Two: Casey
Ch. 61 Chapter Two: Kelly
Ch. 62 Part IV INFO
Ch. 64 Chapter One
Ch. 100 INFO


The Silent Potato Sunday, 13 April 2014
I always liked bootcamp and espionage, and this was no exemption. But in some chapters, I felt like I could use for some space because sometimes it feels a little cluttered and too talky. I suppose it isn't that bad but it confuses me sometimes, haha. Anyway, it was a good read! Go write some more, and if you could spare about 5 minutes of your time maybe you could rate my first chapter? Thanks and good luck!
Hyemi Chan Saturday, 24 August 2013
Wow! You did a great job here! Great story. Congrats!
Clancy Maranice Tuesday, 13 August 2013
I thought this was going to be one of those lame, overdone spy stories. But you somehow gave it a captivating touch so I couldn't stop reading. Nice job!
Oliver Petron Friday, 9 August 2013
I really liked it. Apart from the aformentioned grammatical issues, it was really good from what I've read so far. Mind reading one of mine?
Widdle_Pawz Thursday, 28 March 2013
I bet you worked hard on this book. Check out mine! I love this book but you have a few grammatical errors you might want to fix, but other than that your fine.
Keep up the good work!

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