A Shiver For Your Spine
GenreHorror / History
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 8 March 2012
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Urban legends and ghost stories are heard all over the world! The range anywhere from a ghost alongside the road, to a murderer hiding in your house. These are just some of the many. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Bloody Mary
Ch. 2 Keep The Lights Off!
Ch. 3 Out Past The Shadow's Edge
Ch. 4 Harold
Ch. 5 Next Of Kin
Ch. 6 The Furry Collar
Ch. 7 The Monkey's Paw
Ch. 8 Head On A Stick
Ch. 9 The Little One
Ch. 10 Humans Can Lick Too
Ch. 11 Hook
Ch. 12 Upstairs
Ch. 13 The Clifton Bunny Man
Ch. 14 The Whistling Tea Kettle
Ch. 15 Click Clack
Ch. 16 The Watchers
Ch. 17 The Woman In Grey
Ch. 18 The Hand
Ch. 19 The Black Cadillac
Ch. 20 The Beautiful Young Vanishing Hitchhiking Woman
Ch. 21 Watch Out Where You Sit
Ch. 22 Didn't Turn On The Lights
Ch. 23 The Tale Of The Missing Liver
Ch. 24 Arabella
Ch. 25 Something In The Shadows
Ch. 26 Hoofprints
Ch. 27 Down In Back Please
Ch. 28 Till Death Do We Part
Ch. 29 Raw Head and Bloody Bones


Jace Parker 2 Saturday, 15 October 2016
Eliza Crush Saturday, 18 July 2015
loved the fluency and story of "Out past the shadows edge." You really know how to tell a story.
Deadpaint Sunday, 11 August 2013
very nice. You remind me of R.l. stine with your writing style.
Anatolia Jenson Friday, 21 December 2012
Why not make up a different story, one that isn't stillborn from one that is already in existence? A ghost raccoon roadkill? Maybe a POV story from Bloody Mary's parents, her mother? Something DIFFERENT and original, if only slightly!
BookWorm376 Wednesday, 13 June 2012
You copied a lot of these. From other books on worthy of publishing and from other PUBLISHED authors. Think of your own ideas before you go typing something up, would that be too hard?

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