What Boredom Spawns
GenreFantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Thursday, 1 March 2012
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(8 ratings)
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Mijinji is a mercenary whoís been getting caught up in odd situations for the last year thanks to his eccentric, and chronically unlucky, partner Vergon. The godsí war has monster-slaying jobs pouring in from left and right, so heís never really paid much attention to Vergonís weirdness before. But when a mage is added to the mix, heís forced to re-evaluate what heís always taken for granted about his partner and heís left with far more questions than answers. Chief among them, who is Vergon really?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Careful What You Wish For
Ch. 2 Mages
Ch. 3 Waking Up
Ch. 4 Vergon's Plan
Ch. 5 Magic Monsters Suck
Ch. 6 Vergon Knows Best
Ch. 7 A Fear of Flowers
Ch. 8 Town Song
Ch. 9 Surprise Priests
Ch. 10 Temple Trouble
Ch. 11 Good Feelings
Ch. 12 Night Creeper
Ch. 13 Being Helpful
Ch. 14 Halting Disaster
Ch. 15 Cheater
Ch. 16 Insane Family
Ch. 17 The Tiny Guide
Ch. 18 Loving Leather
Ch. 19 Taste of the Street
Ch. 20 Fountain Fascination
Ch. 21 Mad No Matter What
Ch. 22 Suddenly Disaster
Ch. 23 Super Not Good
Ch. 24 Looking the Same
Ch. 25 Tail Whipping
Ch. 26 Divine Kiss
Ch. 27 Thief Master
Ch. 28 Opened His Mouth
Ch. 29 Sparks
Ch. 30 The Art of Distraction
Ch. 31 Good Blundering
Ch. 32 Copying Vergon
Ch. 33 Short On Brains
Ch. 34 A Sign
Ch. 35 Barbarian Woman
Ch. 36 No More Priests
Ch. 37 Divine Feelings
Ch. 38 Lady Luck
Ch. 39 Smelling Sadness
Ch. 40 Sniffer Dog
Ch. 41 Following His Nose
Ch. 42 Noteworthy Debt
Ch. 43 Bad
Ch. 44 Tasting is Fun
Ch. 45 Fussing
Ch. 46 Only Vergon
Ch. 47 Told You So
Ch. 48 Breakable
Ch. 49 Reason for Murder
Ch. 50 Odd Feathers
Ch. 51 Kaden Sheath
Ch. 52 Touchy Rock
Ch. 53 Missing Monsters
Ch. 54 Not-Good Feeling
Ch. 55 Shamelessly Unfair
Ch. 56 Mortal Games
Ch. 57 Looking Away
Ch. 58 Shutting Him Up
Ch. 59 A Handful of Gods
Ch. 60 Amusing Mortals
Ch. 61 Flaring Aura
Ch. 62 Good Offer
Ch. 63 Job Hunting Again


Jon Wiggs Thursday, 15 October 2015
I already like Vergon, seems like having him around makes the journey a lot of fun. Good story.
Jake Connors Wednesday, 4 June 2014
This could go somewhere, i like this piece please continue it:) i like your writing style and hope you could check out some of my stories for you to give me an opinion or advice
Harley C Tuesday, 1 April 2014
Ahh, fantasy. My favourite genre of book. This is good stuff. :)
Funny though, is I thought of using the name Vergon as a character in my book(s)! What are the odds right?
David Jae Wednesday, 26 February 2014
A good story.

Some of your dialogue is a little weak, but the concept and characters are very interesting.

Keep it up.

K.D.B Monday, 3 February 2014
Wow this is really good. Love it so far. :)

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